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Back on the road with Gypsy January 12-15, 2023 Playa Ventura, Copala, Guerrero, México 🇲🇽

A beautiful sign at the entrance road to the beach.

Larry helped a Mexican family change a flat tire. They had a spare but no tools. In return for Larry's help, they gave us 6 fish they had just caught. Win!

The magnificent pool at our new campground!

There were at least three cats on the property and two dogs.

We parked right on the beach and had our very own palapa!

This beach was practically empty. It was a hard beach to walk and jogging was out of the question. The sand was soft and deep.

We kept gypsy in because of all the other animal. She watched the sunset from the table each night.

Campground pit bull.

He liked to hang out at the trailer

Cat watching the sunset with us.


Sunrise…. This is Larry’s picture. I slept in. 😃

This is how Gypsy spends her days now.

We took a long bike ride on the road by the beach. They are doing a lot of construction on new hotels and such. I just loved this mermaid.

This tiny flower is the size of my pinky fingernail.

Wild bug!

This one had pinchers and could fly.

Not a bad view.

La Tortuguita has camping, hotel rooms, a restaurant and two palapa huts on the beach.

Victor was awesome! He was friendly and attentive. He’s originally from Switzerland but has been here for 5 years.

The restaurant was open even though we were the only guests for awhile. They prepared our fish for us one night and we ate breakfast there another morning. Some of the best meals we’ve had in Mexico!

Lawn for camping. The gate was small so we choose to camp on the beach.

Hotel rooms

Street view. It was super easy to find!

Victor wanted to take a selfie…. Not my best job.

Larry played in the ocean. It was warmer than the pool.

Victor and his doggy saying goodbye.

On our way to Ixtapa-zihuatanajo.

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Robin Glasco
Robin Glasco
Jan 20, 2023

Looks very nice. Did you see any tame bugs?

Replying to

A few tame bugs but they didn’t excite me!

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