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Chasing 72/20 degrees - Larry's Corner

I haven’t written a story in some time now. Mostly because my pen won’t work, It’s too f@#K&*N cold!

We left Hague just in time to miss the first snow. We left September 23. It showed the following weekend. We were in Drumheller. The weather was ok. Mid 60’s/16-18 degrees.

We then proceeded to Banff, Alberta. Well, here things took a turn. We were in the snow and cold weather, chasing 72 degrees would mean drive like hell! While in Banff, Rhonda insisted on going to Lake Louise for the day. I insisted on leaving for Okanagan Valley and warmer temperatures. Guess what….…Lake Louise in beautiful covered in snow. It was worth seeing, but still freakin cold -5 celsius.

Alright! We are off to Okanagan Valley and warmer temps. But as luck would have it, we arrive to the coldest September on record. Although still nice in the valley. Mid 60’s/around 16 degrees celsius. Well, of course the thing to do is bike the old Rail Line at an elevation of 4000 feet. Here I am again in the snow, awesome for some. Not me.

Let’s head south. Washington, yep. Frost every morning. Oregon, the same. Yay for me.

The best part of the snow and cold was the way Rhonda handled it. Her being from Cali, she did super well. Almost embraced it, well as for me, not so much.

Everybody thinks Canadians are tough people. The reality is, we are not, we just endure and survive sub-zero temps. I am a proud Canadian and proud of where I come from. With that said, chasing 72 degrees is just that much sweeter for me.

Rhonda enjoyed the snow and the cold. She made the most out of everyday. This was awesome and inspiring. Good thing she did. The snow and cold, with the exception of Sacramento California, would stay with us all the way to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Where I woke up to snow covering the Airstream. So disappointed! My only thought, “When is Canada going to let go, son of a B#$cH!!!

Finally get to the Phoenix area with great temps and sunshine!

You know despite all the cold weather, I have no regrets. I still had an awesome time. Rhonda can make everyday the best day ever!

From here it’s Hasta la Vista America, Viva Mexico!

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