Crossing the Borders-Larry’s Corner

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Crossing international borders is always a bit stressful. You just never know what to expect. The crapshoot of the traveler.

I’ve gotten used to being delayed and/or checked at security. This happens much more frequently traveling alone, single. Yay me!

This time with Rhonda was more like an interrogation, no truck or personal belongings were checked. He was just interested in our engagement. Apparently, a huge crime especially if you have no plan for marriage. No set dates. This is bad according to agent Polhemus.

Polhemus: What’s your plan? You gotta have a plan!

So I told him about our plan. We are engaged with no set time limits. We are driving down to pick up the airstream and back to Canada in 3 weeks.

Polhemus: You need a plan. What guarantees your return? When and where do you plan on getting married?

Well, here’s my answer: We have no wedding plans, where and when will be determined at our leisure. As for the guarantee of my return, nothing in life is guaranteed. This answer was not well received! But with a small explanation was accepted. I could get hit by a bus, you know.

Oh, just a small piece of advice, Don’t be a Smartass at the border. LOL

This line of questioning went on for 45 minutes. Our answers didn’t change so we must be telling the truth.

Then out of nowhere, his demeanor changed. Gave us advice on fiance’ Visas and our options. Oh, and yes, we need to get a plan of course!

Polhemus: You are free to go. Welcome to the U.S. and have a good day!

As we were leaving, all I could think is his wife must have really pissed him off this morning!!

Started the truck and continued the rest of our trip. Adios Border Dude!

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