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Happy Holidays from Zipolite Oaxaca México 🇲🇽 Our favorite Nudie Beach

We spent December 22, 2022 to January 8, 2023 at Los Mangos RV park.

Larry strung up our colorful lights to be festive 🎄 The holidays are meaningless for me. I only hope to survive them.

Gypsy seemed to feel comfortable here. This is the beach that she found us on 3 years ago. We asked her if she wanted to travel with us and she became an international traveling cat!

She spent her outside time in my chair!

Sunrise on playa del amor.💕 I starting jogging on the beach the first morning we were here. If you wait too long, like after 9 am, it is too hot to jog. The beach is one mile long. I jogged it twice for a comfortable 4 miles.

The cool shirt….. but didn’t buy! Lol

This cutie would visit us every morning…. Mostly just fly through the campsite.

Gypsy made herself at home here immediately. We were afraid she might want to stay when we left.

I took advantage of swimming when the pool was empty in my mornings. It took me three times until I got up to 1/2 mile. I felt really good about that!

I enjoy the art in this little village.

The Nude Hotel

The end of the beach where we liked to tan all natural. There was less beach walking traffic and less dogs.

Gypsy’s favorite place…. My chair!😒

Me trying to be happy. I had a hard time with depression here as the holidays were very difficult for me. I also didn’t wash or comb my hair for many days, trying to go for the beach bum look. How’d I do?

I liked this dogs’ crystal blue eyes.

See these chickens? They visited me everyday after I started feeding them. Ha ha ha

Love the pretty flowers 🌸

Larry was shirtless and shoeless the whole time

This cute restaurant we never got back to……🥲

We walked around a bunch during the late morning or early afternoon. After 1 pm. It’s best to be in the shade or in the pool.

This cat looked like a relative of Gypsy’s.

I absolutely loved this cottage and would like to build one in Lo Do Marcos where we stay. Fingers crossed….. I hope we can do it.

Thinking about my son Cameron again. We recently have started communicating after 7 years. This is where a lot of my sadness comes from. I’m happy that we have been emailing……. But realize we can never get those 7 years back. My heart has been aching for so many years and now it seems that I’m experiencing all the pain. I had to be strong and brave for so long. I realize that I really haven’t been that strong at all. I don’t know how I ever made it this far. I have a hole in my heart and I fear that it may never heal. At some points during these weeks, I didn’t want to go on……

We found a great place for coffee and green juice. Unfortunately, we only went once. 🥲

This is for my Canadian friends. I’m sure you understand. 🤣

A Vagina!!! It’s just a fun mural and a fun word to say! Vagina!!😂😂

My kind of beach car!

One of my favorites

This was a three story mural. Again it reminded me of my son, Cameron. He plays the sax and is an incredible artist.

Dogs watching Larry watch the sun set.

Larry in his happy place on the beach playing volleyball. This was one of the three times Larry smiled…..the three times he played volleyball.

I took some great action shots but only posted a few. I have at least 10 and they all were excellent. The naked guy was a good player too!

Nice block Larry!

It’s been harder and harder for me to find the beauty that I used to see everywhere and in everyday. Why get out of bed? What is the point? I can’t think of anything that I want to do anymore and I can’t think of anything that I want to see.

I used to get happy when I saw butterflies. I could chase them for hours trying to get a good picture. It used to give me happiness and joy. Where has the happiness and joy gone? My heart is empty and achy.

What I like about Zipolite is that it’s ok here. It’s ok to do art. To paint your mural. It’s ok to be who you are. It’s ok to be naked, for the world to see and you don’t have to be ashamed. It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to write your feelings. I wish I could express my feelings. I think I could but I would need someone to listen.

We walked up the hill to get a view of the beach.

Back down to a secluded beach, only access is from a hotel. We had breakfast by the pool and then explored the beach.

I spent many days walking alone trying to clear my head of tortured thoughts.

These are tiny flowers on a tree. The size of my tiny fingernail. Small and insignificant. Just like me, insignificant. I realize that I really have no friends and no family. If I didn’t reach out to folks, I wouldn’t ever have any contact with anyone. I have realized that my life has been meaningless.

We had about 200 tents at the park during the height of the holiday.

I got to talk to my Daughter Jill on Christmas Day. I was hoping that might cheer me up. It didn’t. It just confirmed another painful and distant relationship to my other kid. I can’t believe how bad I’ve sucked at the most important things in my life.

After one week, Larry had a fever and aches. My fever came a day later, along with chills, stomach cramps and no energy at all. I slept for two days straight and couldn’t eat. I barely could take in water. Larry got better in a few days. I continued to sleep for the next week. When I finally started feeling better, I tried to find foods that would help me gain back strength. We postponed leaving by three days so I might feel well enough to travel.

We found Larry’s moms pickled beets disguised as pasta sauce in our cupboard. I knew that these were the best medicine. I let her know that we were sick and they were helping us heal. She reminded me that she is very lonely now that Larrys dad passed away in August. It’s incredibly sad. I can’t take on anymore sadness. I am filled to my limit with my own sadness.

When we felt better, we had massages. I was hoping to move all the yuckiness out of my body. It was a good massage but I still have so much pain in my body. I feel like I’be aged 10 years in the past month.

Gypsy was not impressed with the chickens hanging out so much.

Lagunitas IPA!!! From my hometown of Petaluma! My favorite beer is found here!

They sell it for 65 pesos or $3.25 US.

I thought about stocking up but I’m not drinking right now. What’s the point? Beer doesn’t make me happy anymore. Pot doesn’t make me happy anymore. Food doesn’t excite me. Going out to eat seems expensive and a waste of time. Nothing interests me. I am trying to find something to look forward to but there is nothing I want to do. I don’t know what to do. Mostly I walk around killing time until I can sleep again.

How did they make the round ones stay?

The chickens roosted in our chair.

When I didn’t come out to feed them, they waited at the door for me.

One day, this resort duck decided to try the pool. The kids thought it was hilarious!

The story of my earring. On December 3rd, while we were doing our Chuparosa Gardens triathlon, I lost one of my gold hoops. This was three miles from our campsite in San Agustin. I felt like it was lost in the ocean from when we snorkeled. I kept the other one….. just in case. I had forgotten all about the earring, when a camper at Los Mangos in Zipolite asked me if I was the girl that lost the earring. This was on December 31st in a whole different place. I was confused at first until she reminded me that they were in San Agustin about the same time as us. Cici had gone hiking on the remote trail to the secluded beach and discovered the shiny gold hoop. When she brought it back to Chuparosa, Hannele told them it belonged to me. With much coordination, we were able to meet a traveling camper on their way from San Agustin to Puerto Escondido to receive my lost earring!! This is simply amazing to me!

Cabs in Zipolite 💕 You gotta love some boobies!

See my earrings???

We lost a lot of time being sick during our two weeks. Larry found an outing to the lagoon the day before we left.

We rode the motorcycle to Ventanilla beach just north of Mazunte to do a tour of an ecological park with crocodiles 🐊. It cost us each 200 pesos for a 2 hour tour. Thank God Larry brought mosquito spray or I would have been eaten alive!

I was happy to get a boat ride! We saw lots of crocs swimming in the lagoon.

See this guy smiling for the camera?

Larry smiles when I ask him to for pictures.

The tour guide brought a bag of greens. All he had to do was shake it and this iguana came running up for lunch!

I thought he was quite handsome!

They had some super small white tail deer they are protecting at the park.

The beach was empty. Not the usual tourist beach.

We passed through Mazunte but didn’t stop this time. We really didn’t do much other than what we were able to do to in Zipolite. The flu bug kicked my butt!

At the entrance to Zipolite

Motorcycle parking on the left, cabs on the right side of the street.

Interesting advertising….. not a bad price. $1.25 US a beer

Our last sunset on playa Zipolite

I loved this shot. It was two guys. Love is love 💕

We stayed out after dark……. About 6:30 pm. Lol😂🤣


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6 comentários

14 de jan. de 2023

Thanks for sharing for your pictures and stories, Rhonda-- and your sadness. I've struggled with it before, so your words hit close. Please know I'm sending Love and Good Onda from Riberas. If we're living in a world where missing earrings can be reunited, is it reasonable to believe we're living in a world where healing-- however far it may seem-- is not just possible, but likely? ❤️ Hope to see you both soon-- Joe

Rhonda Tell Me Your Story
Rhonda Tell Me Your Story
14 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

Thanks for you kind and insightful words Joe. We are going to come to one of your shows at Lakeside 😘


Robin Glasco
Robin Glasco
10 de jan. de 2023

Another interesting story! Sorry you've had some problems but don't we all? I wonder about the usefulness and meaning of this existence sometimes but it just is. I've found comfort in the words of Bhudda lately. The essence of the teachings is, everything changes, things balance, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. We live in an existence of 10,000 pleasures and 10,000 sorrows and everyone dines at the karma cafe.

You might enjoy some Youtube videos from the Be here now network. Hasta luega.

Robin Glasco
Robin Glasco
14 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

Da nada. Hope you are having a wonderful week, month and year!

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