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Juneau Alaska July 8, 2023

When I got off the ship, I went directly to the seaplanes. I inquired about the flight and dinner package. It would cost over $400..... I walked away and had to think about that expense.

I love just walking around to get the feel of the place. Seeing the beauty and enjoying the sunshine.

Loved this 🌈

Spectacular 🌺

This is the governor's house

I started walking up the hill and a friendly man directed me to a cool path.

I got to climb a bunch of stairs

I got some great views from here

The flowers everywhere were gorgeous

I found a park so I went back down the stairs now

So much fun.....I forgot about the seaplanes and the flight I couldn't afford.

Look!! I found this fabulous creek.

I'm in my happy place inside the trees.

It was the perfect temperature too!

So pretty.

See the guy swimming?? I heard it was COLD........😂🤣

Back on the street to see what I can see 👀

When I came across this house, I wondered if I could live here.

This was the Main Street in town

Another trip..... I definitely want to do a seaplane

When I got back to the dock, I wandered down the marina.

There were some very nice yachts. I could live on a boat too.

I found a Bear!

So many beautiful flowers!

Here I am in Juneau!! Living my dream of cruising Alaska ❤️

I did a sampler of local beers.... of course! 🍻

I found cornhole..... and discovered that my skills didn't come with me on the cruise to Alaska. I sucked that day! 🤣

So I went to drown my sorrows at the Red Dog Saloon.

This old guy was good and funny. Look at his tip jar. I found out later my friend Sean O'Brien from Lo De Marcos Mexico was working there but I didn't see him. He owns the sky in LDM.

One last stop at Barnaby brew pub because I needed a restroom

Such a cool port.

Bye bye Juneau

Sailing away 🚢⚓️

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2 opmerkingen

Robin Glasco
Robin Glasco
27 dec. 2023

Nice pictures. You should know by now that it isn't the propellor or the wings that make airplanes fly. It's money.

Reageren op

I love your sense of humor. Maybe it would make a good song about airplanes

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