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March 6- March 13, 2023 Deb and Rhonda’s Ultimate Adventure to Mascota and San Sebastián

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

We woke up In Mascota to finish our little roadtrip.

The fabulous hotel we stayed at close to Mascota Centro. Encanto de la Sierra

They had a great breakfast of yogurt, granola and fruit. Plus coffee and tea that was included.

We had a delicious dinner at this restaurant The night we arrived, El Tapanco

We took a little adventure to find the Tecuani Petroglyphs. The directions were sketchy and we ended up on this dirt road to no where. We parked and went through an unlocked Gate. We walked around but didn’t find them. This place had absolutely no signs.

It was a lovely hike and a great view!

Photo Credit: Deb

“And as we wind on down the road,

Our shadows taller than our souls”

Photo credit: Deb

We almost got to the top of the hill.

Deb’s tiny legs are faster than you would expect!

It was very beautiful here but we never found the petroglyphs.

This rock wall lined the road and made me happy as we walked back to the truck.

We stopped by the center of the small village of Tecuani.

I loved this 10 foot cactus in bloom.💕

We found an amazing deal on avocados!! 23 avocados for under $6. The exchange rate for US dollars to pesos is a bit less currently.

Photo credit: Deb

I’m so happy!!🥑🥑🥑

We walked around Mascota after our unsuccessful trip to the mysterious petroglyphs.

Look at Deb’s new sparkling hat.

Be aware of bunnies!

As we were climbing the mountain, we found a race or event with horses and bikes. It looked like quite a strenuous activity. We were happy to be in the truck.

The view from the top of the valley.

San Sebastian Jalisco México

Parroquia de San Sebastián Mártir

The plaza

When we were trying to get out of town we made a wrong turn because of construction and as the road kept getting more narrow we knew we were going to get stuck. Luckily Deb found a small area to do a 16 point turn and get us outta there. Deb has Mad driving skills!

This goat wanted to have lunch at this cafe.

Back in Lo de Marcos with my loot!! 23 avocados and lots of guacamole!😊

Another souvenir from are whirlwind trip to Ajijic, Mascota and San Sebastián. I moved all my personal belongings to the house in Ajijic. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my amazing friend Deb. She’s been my rock through this very difficult time of separating. It’s not fun for anyone but I’m glad that I have help.

Lo de Marcos at night

These are some of my favorite flowers.

I walked the beach nearly everyday. it was a kind of therapy for me. One day there was lots a dead fish on the beach. I’m not sure if they came from the fishing boat off shore or what.

This is the lagoon that empties into the sea during the rainy season.

Deb and I stopped at La Pinta the artisan beer place. It’s new so we had to try it.

This was a gathering in the plaza for international women’s day. The women were singing and the unity moved to me to tears.

A shrine with flowers and candles

Deb and I stayed out again after dark. We had a drink at the rooftop bar, El Bar.

My delicious papaya breakfast 😁

A whole family of chickens on the Main Street.

My iguana friend at the pool.

I’m getting back to my happy place and enjoying the beautiful things again.

I love my lizard friends. I see up to 4 each day.

Photo credit:Deb Pool day!! My favorite days!

Breakfast with Deb at Siren Jardin after hiking with Hikers Nayarit Rivera.

See the massage table on the therapists motorcycle?

Beach walks are the best therapy.

I went to a birthday party potluck at Deb’s trailer park. They had a surprise mariachi band!

I had a short visit with Gypsy one afternoon when Larry was gone from the property. I sat there and cried at I told her I was so sorry for leaving her.

Sunday I spent an hour with the Lo de Marcos Limpiadores. We cleaned up the courtyard in front of the church. We finished just before the parishioners began to arrive.

I’m working on having the best day ever….each and every day. The universe (God) has provided me with everything I need so far. I just need to keep my heart open and trust the path that unfolds. 💕❤️😘🙏


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Robin Glasco
Robin Glasco
15 thg 3, 2023

Glad to hear you're OK. It is very difficult I know.

Phản hồi lại

It sucks!! There is no doubt about it. I’m just so lucky that i have wonderful friends and family that support me….. near and far!❤️💕😘

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