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Good morning folks. It’s 7:00 am. “My time”

Day 8 of full-time camping in the Airstream. I’ve come to a realization, Larry’s Corner isn’t just a part of a blog, but a lifestyle!! Here’s a little history to the present day.

Before I met Rhonda, I came from a home of 3000 square feet that I share with my son Greg. He had 1100 sq ft and I had the remaining 1900 sq ft plus a heated garage. A king-size bed with ensuite (attached bathroom) which is 500 sq ft on its own. Jacuzzi tub and shower, with a balcony on the 2nd floor. The main floor consists of the kitchen, living room, dining room, full bath, and a small spare bedroom. Very nice!!!

I had tons of space but still, something was missing. Being single, It’s a lot of house and I wanted to travel, so off I went to Mexico!! Just a 2-week vacation. This is where I met Rhonda, an American, not only that but from California….Crazy I know. LOL. But way too much in common to ignore.

Now 1½ years later, we are engaged and starting a new life in a 200 sq ft Airstream. This is where Larry’s Corner becomes a reality!!! You would think 50/50….ha haha! Guys don’t kid yourself.

Let’s start with the living area and kitchen, ok, that’s about 60/40, me with 40%. Moving on, Let’s visit the restroom, OMG!!! At best 80/20. Guess who has the 20? You guessed it, guys, you’re always going to lose this one.

This brings us to storage and closet space. Hey….it’s not so bad, I do have my own shelf and six hangars. That’s Larry’s Corner!

Now her space, 4 shelves, her own hanging closet, and ⅔ of the main closet with my 6 hangers. Awesome!! LOL! This doesn’t include the storage space throughout the trailer. I digress.

Now we only have one place left to explore and write about, sleeping arrangements. Both coming from king-size beds to ourselves, this may be the biggest challenge. We needed to practice settling into a queen bed together. We now have it down to a science.

Larry’s Corner….Seriously coming into its own. My side is the backside, the least favorable access. Oh, when I say my side, I really mean “Larry’s Corner”. She had granted me 16-18 generous inches of the 60-inch mattress to call my own, you know it’s a good 30%. Freakin Awesome!! LOL

So in conclusion, I do have 30%. Let’s call it a win!! How is this a win you ask? It’s very simple, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Peace out Peeps.

Larry’s Corner.

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