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Ojo de Agua Tlacotepec Oaxaca México 🇲🇽 November 29-December 2, 2022

Back to warm weather and warm water 🌴🐟☀️😎

Since we scrapped going to Palenque, we headed back to the Salina Cruz area. We had enjoyed our visit here and wanted to spend more time exploring. So we went back!

Driving out of San Cristobal was a lot easier than getting in. Larry researched a better way that got us to the main wide Highway 195. We had one steep dirt road to maneuver through that had a handful of parked cars and oncoming traffic. Right after the first corner, we met up with a big one ton flatbed truck. He didn’t budge and made us back up with the trailer and parallel park so he could pass. At one point up the steep hill, I thought Larry was going to need 4 wheel drive as the tires spun in the loose gravel. Eventually we made it to the top. I had to stand in the street to stop traffic so Larry could make a wide turn using both lanes to get going in the right direction.

We also passed a huge peaceful demonstration with many types of indigenous groups on the way out of town complete with guardia nacional y policia local. There was about 100 cops and 200 demonstrators. I’m glad we are leaving this area. We will be back when it feels better.

As we were coming down the mountain, we got these amazing views above the clouds.

The different indigenous groups have specific types of dress.

We returned to Ojo de Agua, the water park we visited with Yessie and Gio. We decided to stay three nights to enjoy the warm water and sun.

Gypsy approved.

It was a large lot with only us camping. We picked the spot by this ginormous tree of Life. Gypsy liked walking around with us.

At the edge of the lot was the river

Gypsy is almost as big as Larry.

“Gypsy, Do you see the water?”

They had lots of beautiful trees at the park.

We made friends with a mexican family that spoke some English. They were so nice. They offered us the rest of their Hawaiian pizza! Larry took two pieces. 🍕


We (Larry) carried two chairs and my floaty thing to the river each day… about 1000 Yards. We would spend the hottest part of the day in the shade of the trees by the water.

Or in the water.

This was a great spot.

Some days we had it to ourselves for hours.

Until a motor bike club came with about 30 bikes. All men in their early twenties. They played some soccer before hopping in the river.

We took a trip into the town of Tlacotepec. It was cute and very small. We did find drinking water so that was good.

Old church

It’s crumbling down

It’s right next to a music school.

I loved it

We enjoyed the murals at the primary school. You can learn some Spanish today.

They have some tall cactus 🌵

It’s a lovely area


Growing out of a rock.

We took advantage of the beer vendor. 25 pesos for muy frio cerveza.

We had All this plus the river for 25 pesos each per night! That’s $1.25 US

She was loving it here. No dogs!

I loved it here too.

We got to watch magpie jays steal food.

Beyond our mat lays a carpet of purple morning glories. New blossoms replace the dead ones each day. It never ends.

First time I saw this kind of bug!

Three days went fast. I was happy to be able to jog around the place because it was big and flat.

The last night a sweet young couple camped a distance away from us. They came to say hi but were also heading out the next morning. They were going to Costa Rica to live on some property they bought. They gave us their phone number and said to stay in touch. Nice— Ian and Daniella

Our favorite tree, for now!

Bye bye fabulous water with fishes 😊🐟

Larry is happy driving to our next destination.

Back on highway 200 and driving up the coast again

This is the beach with the sand dunes.

Heading towards Huatulco. This is where Larry and I met….almost 5 years ago. 💕

There is no good camping in town but a few options in San Agustin. We visited a new place a block from the beach called Chuparosa Gardens.

We lucked out and got the best and biggest sight in this beautiful park. Shady and closest to the pool and the palapa.

We immediately jumped in the pool after we parked. We like it and will stay a awhile.

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Sayward Ayre
Sayward Ayre
Dec 15, 2022

WOW! What fabulous times you are having! So wonderful to see your photos and learn about these areas I've not yet been to! Happiest of Holidays to you ever! And thanks for these wonderful blogs!

Replying to

Aww…. Thanks Saywar! I hope you are hav a blast in New México

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