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Playa San Agustin Oaxaca México 🇲🇽☀️🌴 December 2-9, 2022

Week one of Beach fun!

We parked the trailer, took a dip in the pool and headed to a coyote beach for sunset.

Coyote beach is for sunsets and walking along a beautiful coastline. Turtles lay eggs here so you never know what surprises you might have.

We walked playa San Agustin where the restaurants and snorkeling are

Gypsy is acclimating to the new area with 4 dogs. She’s not impressed so far.

Beautiful smile on Bee’s face. This was the beginning of the Chuparosa Triathlon! Hannele was cautious as this was her first event on a bike since her accident (bike crash=with surgery)

Sad😢 We think it was a boa.

Playa Riscalillo, a 2 mile bike ride from Chuparosa Gardens.

Larry, John, Kieran and Sergio drove and skipped the biking portion of the triathlon.

Awesome surfboard Dude! 🏄‍♂️

We cooled off before the next event….hiking and trail blazing with Machetes!

Most of the trail was pretty good.

We made it to playa Manglillo a cute rocky beach.

Back into the jungle.

The boys got the machetes busy clearing our path to Playa Jicaral. We would complete our swimming/snorkeling event here.

Larry started celebrating early so was disqualified from the final event.

Getting our masks on while walking to the water.

John was in the lead but I was able to pass him close to shore.

Am I really the Winner!!??

It is a beautiful beach and the snorkeling was great!

Playa Riscalillo is a good swimming beach with snorkeling too.

Sunset pool side.

They are so pretty in our area of the campground.

Huge blue morning glories 🌸

Larry was lucky enough to get lots of good pictures of this orange breasted bunting.

Across the street, 30 feet is a house on a hill that is being built or was being built until April. It’s half finished and we love hanging out up there. The views of both beaches are breathtaking!

I pretend it’s our new house!! Lol

This is our porch facing Bahia de San Agustin.

Our rooftop mirador

Walking up. It has two large terraces. I could fit a pool up here.

From the street. It’s up about 100 feet and sits on the natural rock terrain.

Our paradise for the next few weeks.

Another discovery we found walking down the main street out of town.

A beautiful lot 100 yards from the beach with these enormous rock formations on two sides. We like to visit this spot on our way to Coyote beach.

They have cactus 🌵

And lots of rocks

We are able to see more on foot.

Turtle tracks to where she laid egg

This is a Long Beach to walk. The sand is pretty loose and gives you a great workout…… if you can make it. The morning we tried it, we didn’t bring enough water and turned back early.

These are everywhere right now.

I thought I would catch this guy on the side of the road, but he had already had a very bad day.😢

It was a beautiful creature and we placed him off the road.

They have good rocks here!

I rescued this guy from the pool.

I like him!

He like me 😂

Giving Gypsy some attention.

The campsites are a good size and have lots of plants for privacy.

This place has beautiful gardens and many different species of birds.

My favorite Chica fruit!


Lots of papaya that we’ve been eating.

The birds enjoy papaya too.

This plant is supposed to help diabetes. Its a bitter melon vine

Pineapple plant

This is John and Hannele’s 40 foot bus. They’ve traveled around Mexico in this beauty but now they are creating this cool campground.

I just love it! We are getting a tour soon.

I can't believe the places they took this bus!

Another rescue from the pool. I called him George after my Uncle that recently passed away.

I spend lots of time in the pool

I'm not sure what this crazy plant is but the blooms were hard and waxy.


This is a great beach to snorkel.

I think our Airstream looks good here.

Another gorgeous sunset.

Sergio walked with us to Coyote beach to see the sunset.

Casitas in the process of being could eventually happen.

Gypsy relaxing in the heat of the day.

We took a trip to the market in Pochutla.

Rooftop sunset dinner at our favorite spot.

Pristine and very clean.

I love the rock formations.

This was a crazy shortcut road to the next beach north. Playa Boca Vieja, Bajos de Coyula, Huatulco. It was narrow and used for two way traffic....luckily we didn't meet up with any.

The end of the beach where the river meets the ocean.

We have visited this beach a few years ago and Larry tried to climb the lighthouse.

I love the rocks!

Larry caught a hand!

Hannele recommended Tio Castillo Restaurant on the south end of the beach so we gave it a try. The owner Zach was super friendly and from the States. He's been here since 2008. The food was good and at a great price!

Nice village Coyula with mostly spanish speaking folks

Yep! You guessed it...laundry day! We also cleaned the airstream too.

Gypsy supervised

Larry repaired a flat so we could ride to Playa Riscalillo

Larry made a friend and gave him water.

The other campground in town....Don Taco is right on the beach.

New hotels are going up everywhere.

We like this one. It built the restaurant around the rocks!

These made me happy.

Our house is shaped like a tug boat.

A hike we took to the west side of the beach.

Our quiet little beach.

San Agustin chapel on the hill.

The stairs from the church go down through peoples homes right to the beach.

I dream of buying this house.

The yummy dinner I made complete with star fruit from the garden.

My lizard meets gypsy.

We drove into Santa Maria to do a few errands. I needed to replace my screen on my phone and get a new battery. We had lunch at a nice cafe called Nico's. We've been here before. Larry found Ls on the Christmas tree!

Chahue Beach in Santa Maria

On the military boat

Larry loves his Corona!

The church on the square in La Crucecita.

Cute mural at the primary school.

I had to pose with the Sax player for my son Cameron.

Funny how we ended up in Hautulco area on the 5 year anniversary of our first date...which was in Huatulco!

This street in town was dug up for many strong Mexicans by Hand!

I found a teeny tiny ping pong game at Oxxo!!

I am so good too!

Afternoon bike ride and hike to another awesome beach.

There is a trail here...see it?

River meets the ocean here.

It was a scary trail.

We did lots of fun stuff. I got in a jog, many hikes, a few snorkeling adventures and much more. We plan on staying for at least another week. There is so much to do here and it's very laid back. That's our style.

We are grateful for another super week in warm, sunny Mexico!


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Robin Glasco
Robin Glasco
Dec 16, 2022

Looks nice and warm! Keep a close watch for crocodilios!

Replying to

I’m looking for crocodiles now!🐊

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