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The Search and Discovery of the Perfect Airstream - Larry's Corner

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We searched multiple websites for an airstream to suit us best. We wanted an open floor space plus all of the standard equipment with a queen-size bed, the bed for more than one reason.

(This part of the story my kids would say, “Eww, old person sex!”.)

Ok, moving on. We found one in North Carolina that turned out to be a lot of hassle and expense to get it across the country as we were in northern California at the time. We continued our search. Another few weeks went by and we found the right one. It was a touch bigger than we had planned but perfect for our needs. It was only an hour's drive to Winters, California. Awesome!!

Now all I needed to do was write out a cheque, right? Which I had with me in California. Oh so Wrong…..For an international cheque to clear you need an exact amount before leaving your home country or 6 weeks to process. Both were not my options. My new choices were to open an account in the U.S., transfer money from my Canada bank to my U.S. bank. They would wire the money. No guarantee this would work from either bank. Ok, That’s out!

Next choice, was to transfer the balance on my credit card. I did this only to have the dealership turn that down due to the credit card fees. I’m now over a week in trying to pay for the airstream.

Now down to my last option. Direct wire transfer from my bank in Canada. Sounds easy enough right? The bank, “yes, we can do that for you Sir, we only need you to come in and sign for it”.

Well, son of a …….! I’m in California!!

Here’s the short version. I’m on the phone for 3 days, worked my way up the chain of command to the bank manager. After tons of security questions, I finally managed to get it done over the phone!

Two and a half weeks after I started, we finally owned an Airstream! The only problem now, we are in Maui when all was confirmed. We have to wait another week and a half before we can pick it up!!!

1st world problems, ehh!!!

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