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Week 3 - Ajijic 6/14 - 6/20/21

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

I don’t think we could have been busier even if we tried. The weeks are starting to blur… we continue to combine working on the new house in Ajijic, having time to have fun and getting exercise regularly. We had to squeeze a few naps into the equation because a few days….we were worn out by 2pm. Lol...

I was able to do 3 Lifted classes this week, 2 yoga classes and an HIIT on demand. I took another Pickleball lesson with Victor the pro at Hotel Monte Carlo near Chapala. I am enjoying learning the strategy of the game while practicing some new skills. I am so very new at this. After my lesson, I joined in the open courts with Larry and the rest of the bunch. Sometimes, it’s a little intimidating as many of these folks have been playing for years and are very good. Larry seems to be improving…..I’m still waiting patiently for myself.

We got out once this week to hike with the Ajijic Hiking group. There is a bunch of people that show up every week on Tuesdays and Fridays. There are usually 2 or 3 hikes to choose from. So far, we have been doing the El Tepalo loop. Each week there have been new folks to meet too. We walked again with Lotus and her husband Marc. A fabulous gal named Queen led the hike to the waterfall….she had great energy and fun to talk to her. No bird watching with this group...they are serious hikers….and they love to chat. We made time at the end of the week to go to one of our favorite bird watching close to our house now. We didn’t see that many so we ended up returning to the Senderos de El Tepalo. We were hoping to see more birds being alone. We were pleased with some of the ones we spotted. We did hear many more but never found them in the thick forest. The mountain is getting covered in green but still no water in the waterfalls yet. I also treated Larry to lunch at Min Wah.

We spent 5 days this week power washing all the patios on the 3 levels. Larry did the brick walls and some of the house. It’s very satisfying to use the power washer...but also a lot of work. We were both pleased when the job was done, especially Larry. He did most of the work. During our down time, we shopped. That’s not usually my favorite activity but it was better this week as we are finding new places to look. We found a great place to buy our patio furniture on the side of the libremente. It is typical Mexican restaurant furniture. We bought 5 chairs and a table that will go on the roof under the palapa...still need to find a Palapa builder. We looked for more plants for the three patio spaces. Plants and pots are so inexpensive compared to the US or Canada….I tend to fill up the back of the truck each time we stop.

Oh...we are painting a bunch our spare time. The house had this dark terracotta red paint everywhere….plus the 3 story wall. When we saw the house the first time, I knew that this would be one of the first things to go. All the window trim inside and edging was red! I decided to go floor to floor with new bright colors. The living room/dining area-kitchen I used this beautiful Teal…..I love it! It immediately brightened this area with a calming feel. We were very fortunate that Saturday it rained all day and forced us to stay inside to work on our painting jobs. Larry finished up the Teal while I started with Orange on the second floor. I had a super hard time covering the red with the orange… took 3 coats. We painted for 5 hours. The sun broke through the rain clouds so we took off for a mini adventure! We drove toward the west end of Ajijic and nestled up to these amazing mountains is my favorite Brewery Corazon de Malta. We had a few cervezas and a late lunch or early dinner…...whatever. It doesn’t matter. I brought home 12 craft beers too. It was another great week. Super busy but we accomplished a bunch. We are inching our way along on all of our projects.

My posts will be shorter for a time as we are extremely busy. If you see any pictures that I haven’t mentioned and you want to know more…..ask me at

I am still wanting your travel stories of your adventures. I would love to include some in my blog. Send them to me!

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