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Back in Ajijic and getting ready for a house guest 10/1-10/8/2021

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Back Home in Ajijic

It was great to be back home in warmer temperatures. It was cool to cold for much of the month in Peru. We took advantage of our rooftop and 2nd floor lounges for sunbathing a few days. We really needed to recover and relax from our trip (vacation) in Peru. Gypsy our cat was so happy to see us but then punished us for 3 days after the initial greetings.

We had a week to get our guest room ready for Heidi, my friend from California. She will be our first guest and we both are super excited! We still enjoyed a hike to the hidden waterfalls on Tepalo mountain. It is covered in wild marigolds along with many other wildflowers. The falls both were flowing with some water and beautiful. We saw many bugs we’ve seen before and many others for the first time. We caught some little, tiny frogs in the meadow and even found a turtle…or maybe tortoise. We aren’t sure.

Larry tuned up Heidi’s bike and did a test drive around the neighborhood. We rode into Chapala to check the water levels as we heard it rained nearly the whole month of September in this area. We stopped by one of our favorite places for chips and beer on the way back to Ajijic.

We were able to see our friend Sheron, from the Lakeside little theater, for lunch. We told her about our trip to Peru. We watched a few sunsets on the water and many more from our rooftop. We enjoy eating our dinner and looking at the mountains. We are happy to be back home and can’t wait to share this paradise with Heidi.

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