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Crooked Kooky Couple

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Besides driving to lakes on our mini road trips, we also spent one afternoon driving to the Crooked Trees. That was an amazing day because we were able to squeeze in Aunt Netty’s 90th birthday party and still have the road trip! Aunt Netty is Eva’s older sister but not the oldest! She had her party at the Town Hall in Hague. We were there from 1-2:30 pm. Had some yummy treats, and talked to lots of family and friends. I sat at the table with Marie Neudorf!! The young gal that turned 90 three weeks earlier. They had a lovely slideshow of the highlights of her life, so far! She lives in Saskatoon and still drives at 90. Amazing!

The drive to the Crooked Trees should have taken us about 1 ½ hours but we stretched it out to about 2 ½. We made a few stops along the way. We found this very cool farmers bridge off the main road. It Iooked almost abandoned but the farmer drove past us on our way down. That was the only traffic for over an hour while we were there. The bridge has a bunch of graffiti and the view from each side was fantastic. It was great to take lots of pictures here. Larry really got into taking some pictures of his own. We could literally see for miles on both sides of the bridge. Loved this bridge...will go back. We also came across a really cool airplane on the hill when we went around the corner. I took some pictures and thought about living in an abandoned restored the future. It could happen, you know. Soon after we turned off as the signs directed, we came across a Big Tractor! Larry said it was a sprayer. I didn’t was huge and we had to stop. I climbed up to find the door unlocked so I hopped in and enjoyed the moment. I was happy like a small kid!

We made another couple of turns and found the Crooked Trees. It’s a small patch of Aspens that grows close to the ground, twisting and turning as something evil has gotten in them. The grove is about the size of half a football field and the trees directly across the way grow normally, up straight. We spent some time walking through them, taking pictures, and reading a little about them. They had a super cool outhouse too! We had a quick snack but Larry was going to take me out to dinner. We really haven’t went out to eat much and I’m ok with that.

We drove into the town of Blaine Lake. It’s the biggest thing around so we were hoping at 7 pm, we might find food. On the corner where we turn highway 12, we found pizza and ice cream advertised at the gas station. It looked a bit funky and when we walked in it looked like a typical gas station convenience market with pizza in a warmer. As we were turning around to leave, we saw a tiny 4 table restaurant that was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. One of the tables was an old Chevy bed from a truck circa 1950. The tailgate was made into a step and the wheel wells had bench seats around a table. So cute. Someone else got that table. Boo Sad! They also had half of an old panel van as their counter and screen to the kitchen, It looked like a truck from the 40’s. We ordered our yummy diner food with beer and the portions were generous and it was delicious. I would recommend going to the Creata Pizza and Deli and Gas and we will definitely stop there again.

Ya!!! for magical food discoveries!

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