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Friends and Lovers -Diane H. Davis, 1975

As we sit here by the fire,

and watch the ember oh so hot,

We talk of what we are, and we dream of what we’re not.

We project into the future,

and we reflect upon our past.

Happy is our friendship –

if this moment could but last.

But, alas, the evening passes,

and the conversation dies.

There is meaning in the silence,

and contentment in our eyes.

Friendships are intangibles,

winding through the years,

Based on trust and understanding, happiness and tears.

Longings and fulfillments,

desires and satisfactions,

Our dreams becoming real through our efforts and our actions.

Yes, our friendships are important, bringing strength and much delight, But now the evening’s over,

and we bid our guests goodnight.

There’s that moment of adjustment – the feeling of great loss –

But we know the bridge of friendship, and we know the way to cross.

So we close the door together, thankful for such friends,

Grateful for each other

as each day begins and ends.

Our friends are very special,

and we like to get together,

But of the most importance is our friendship for each other.

As we climb the stairs together,

it’s really hard to say,

Exactly which special moment is the best part of the day.

About the Author

Diane H. Davis is a 5th generation Sonoma County native, and was raised on a coastal sheep ranch.

~ 1978 she was the first female Pac Bell lineman in Santa Rosa, becoming a truck driver

~ 1980 she managed an electric motor shop

~ 1984 she became an apprentice Electrician, gaining Journeyman status in 1991

~ 1986 she obtained her Calif. General Building Contracting license

~ 2007 she founded Artful Arrangements, now a charitable nonprofit,

~ 2008 she began Davis Publishing, www.davis-publishing. biz, with 23 book titles and 13 poems

Diane is a Certified Tourism Ambassador of Sonoma County (CTA) through Sonoma County Tourism

Diane is a member of Sonoma County Farm Trails, Sonoma County Farm Bureau, Cotati Chamber of Commerce and the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce

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