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From San Antonio Texas to Vancouver BC - Time to cruise the inland passage in Alaska

I booked this cruise at the last minute and I got one heck of a deal!

I left San Antonio early July 4 to Vancouver.

I snapped a few pictures before we landed. Vancouver B.C below.

I took at cab from the airport to the hostel I booked a few blocks from the marina. I shared a room with 3 other girls. I saw one. The hall floor was rounded like it was warped wood. I was surprised when I discovered that the restroom was Coed. No worries just surprised. The fabulous thing about this place is they had a bar/restaurant on the bottom floor. So I dumped my luggage and went for a beer. Vancouver Book Now! - Samesun Hostels Canada & USA

The beer during happy hour was $4 Canadian so not too bad. The dorm room was $85 a night! Ridiculous. I couldn't afford a hotel room here.

I took a walk to the pier to see how long it would take tomorrow when I board the Norwegian Spirit.

The part of the city I walked through was pretty. It had some hills and it reminded me of San Francisco. I walked by a few doorways with folks camped out and sleeping.

I found where they park the big boats!

It was fun walking around. Lots of tourists... like me!

Pretty pretty skyline.


Its a lovely city. The marina area was fabulous.

This is not my boat but there was plenty of them.

I found a nice (expensive) restaurant by the water where the seaplanes land. It was good entertainment while I ate my arugula salad with my refreshing draft beverage 🍺.

Look! seaplanes 💕

It smelled good too!

An outside restaurant.... maybe next time.

I hope I love Akaska!❤️

OMG !!! Look at my amazing room. I did something crazy when I first got inside.... I hung up clothes and put things in drawers. I've been living out of a suitcase since May 8th. It was comforting.

Perfect weather the day I boarded. It was just as hectic as the airport, with lines, signs and security... but I made it.

I went to their gym first to see what they had. I was very impressed!

Stretching room. We did yoga and abs here too.

Lots of cardio equipment.

I did come one morning at 7:15 am and it was packed!

Bye bye Vancouver 🚢

I guess I might be a little excited!

Yep!! I made it to the pool in the first two hours! That's always a win in my book of fun.

They had two pools and 6 hot tubs.

Beautiful sunset..... so far so good!

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