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Getting the house ready for our renters 10/20-11/8/2021

These last few weeks we spent getting our house in Ajijic ready for our renters. Wayne and Elaine are coming from Cleveland Ohio to spend almost six months in Ajijic to escape the cold weather up north. This will be their eighth winter in Ajijic. I was lucky to find them through the Ajijic hiking group we belong to. They were highly recommended and over the past few months I've spoked to Wayne several times on the phone. They sound like they will be the prefect couple to care for our house when we are out traveling around Mexico in our Airstream.

When Heidi was here, she gave us some good pointers for what we still needed to do to make the house more appealing for a renter. It was great having here input. Larry and I are able to manage with a lot less of the creature comforts that most folks call necessary. It's easy for us to overlook thing that we live without as we travel through Mexico. This meant a few stops to the hardware store (ferretaria).

We didn't spend all of our time working on the house. We did get out for some fun walks into San Antonio and enjoyed our last few sunsets at the lake. We continued to walk up our steep hill as exercise is always fun! We even got one last hike up to the cross in Jocotepec. It's one of our favorite hikes as it was our first hike we did in this area plus it's extremely challenging.

We were even able to squeeze in a short trip to Aguascalientes to see our friends Hector, Thelma and their awesome kids, Abraham and Indra. They invited us to the Día de Muertos Festival. It was so fun hanging out with them again. We stayed in their family home in Villa Juarez. We have been here before and like this little town outside of the big city of Aguascalientes. Their good friends Victor and Mima. We have met them before at Roca Azul with their kids Victor and Victoria. It was a full house!

We went to Aguascalientes two nights to the Festival. We walked around the vendors and watched a lot on music. They had two stages set up at different locations so we walked back and forth between the two. We went inside the culture center to see a grand display (altar) for Día de Muertos. We enjoyed some food and beverage that enhanced our experience. It was a lot of fun to be able to be here with our Mexican family! On the way back to Villa Juarez we made a stop at a roadside taco stand. We tailgated with our tacos.

On the last day, we walked around Villa Juarez with all of the kids. We walked in stores and just looked around town. We went to the cemetery and saw lots of families cleaning up graveside and sprucing up headstones to get ready for Dia de Muertos. We saw lots of vendors selling amazing flower displays that will be taken back to the cemetery.

We had a wonderful breakfast in the backyard with all the family, kids and friends. Thelma's mom, Lety and Dad, Hector drove in from the city. They speak very little English and usually refuse to speak it. They say, "You have to learn Spanish"! They are warming up to us I think......They told us to stop by their house on the way back to Ajijic. When we did, they offered us a cerveza and gave us both very nice Futbol jerseys.

I had a birthday this week. Boy I'm getting old but I refuse to slow down! We went to breakfast at our favorite café Doppio. I had a mocha, quiche and carrot cake. Yum! I deserved it. I did 57 pushup for my birthday challenge and I fit into my skinniest jeans too! Birthdays are a good reset for me and I like to evaluate my last year and set some goals for the year to come. On the way back from breakfast, we drove by a art gallery in our neighborhood. There was a rock band playing so we stopped of course. They were rehearsing for a party at the end of the week. Super friendly and very good musicians. We planned to go back.

We went out to dinner in the center of Ajijic at Lo de Jimmy. We were trying to find a good place to watch the parade. We never found it though. Afterwards we walked around the plaza and saw the display of skulls as they were lighting them up. This permanent art display was made by Ajijic's most famous artist Efren Gonzales.

Then the day came when Wayne and Elaine took over our little home in Ajijic. We weren't sad but happy to get on the road again in our Airstream Lucy Love! Back to doing what we love most. Being out in Mexico discovering every beautiful thing that it has to offer!

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