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Gifts From my Heart By Thelma Ramirez

Hi my name is Thelma and today I want to tell you something. Every single day, in every moment, if you can, bring to anybody your help. Because you never know when you might need help from the universe.


In 2005, I was 28 years old; my life was only about going to parties and to have fun. Then a situation arose within a family I knew. A friend was pregnant, but she was suffering with Preeclampsia, it was a very sad situation, and everybody felt bad. One day they had to hospitalize her, and her baby was born very premature. At only 6 months.

The baby needed blood and many people wanted to help by donating but not everyone could donate. That kind of thing has a lot of requirements, so hardly anyone could. When I walked into the office with my height of 1.60 meters and my weight of 50 kg at the time, the doctor discouraged me and told me that it was most likely that I could not donate because of my weight.

In the end we had about 8 prospects to donate. Of all of them, I was the only one who could do it. I felt honored to be able to help.

Unfortunately, the baby died but the mother got better.

A few years later, I moved away to another city and my mother needed a blood donor for surgery. I was very worried because I was far away, but there was someone who could help her and donated blood.

I believe that in life, the good that each person does, returns to the life of that being.

I have donated blood six times in my life and if someone else asks me and it is within my possibilities, I will offer my blood with all my heart to be able to help.

With love for my friend Rhonda

About the author

My name is Thelma Ramirez. I was born in Cuidad Obregon, Sonora. Mexico. I studied communication at the Cuauhtemoc University in Aguascalientes. I’m married to a wonderful man, Hector and we have two beautiful children, Abraham and Indra. My family and friends are the most beautiful things that life has given me.

Another great story from my new book

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