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Heading to Spokane Washington to see Deb!

It's been a little over a month since I left Deb in Mazatlan with her broken truck. She spent another week waiting to get it fixed so she could start her journey north. I had my adventures in California and my cousin road trip but I was excited to meet up with her again. I've never been to Spokane and it was a free place to stay, so why not??! She said she'd be available after June 19.... so I booked a flight on June 19. Hee hee

I caught at 5:45 am flight from San Antonio to Denver. I was able to watch the sun rise through the airplane window. I love flying and thanks to my daughter Jill, I was able to get all my flights for Free!! I am so grateful!

This is my beautiful and smart daughter Jill. She's a pilot for Jet blue. She wasn't my pilot as I got my flights through United with her benefits. I'm super proud of her so I wanted to brag.💕

Flying into Denver.... can you see the Rockies in the distance?

It's a cool airport. I had almost 4 hours to explore it. I walked over six miles. It's a great way to stay out of trouble. I packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from my cousins house. I saved myself $13.99 and I refilled my own water bottle several times!

Here's my plane to Spokane. She's a beauty! Did I mention I love to fly?

Welcome to Washington!

my fabulous friend Deb was waiting for me when I got off the plane! I gave her a Big Hug!! I missed her.💕

As we were walking to her truck, she asked if I wanted to go to her house or Coeur d' Alene Idaho. I said Idaho! It was a short 30 minute drive. Our friends from Jocotepec Mexico were in town and staying at the Elks Lodge for a few nights. Funny thing is that we all met in Jocotepec in March 2021 at Roca Azul RV Park.

Carol and Marvin have moved permanently from Virginia to Lake Chapala. They are my neighbors on the west end of the lake! This was a summer trip from Mexico to Alaska and luckily they were close by when I rolled into town. It was a fabulous reunion.

Here's a photo of Carol and Marvin taken off her Facebook page. They look better in real life! Lol

We saw this beautiful car walking around near Deb's house.

We did a wonderful walk along the Spokane river. I was very impressed with what this city has to offer!

A lot of old and beautiful buildings.

Sculptures of fishermen.

The falls that are used by the hydroelectric facility.

Deb was kind enough to let me borrow warm clothes like a jacket, sweatshirt and scarf! It was definitely cooler than the 100 degree weather I left behind in San Antonio Texas.

Lots of interesting things to look at.

This was host to the 1974 Expo. They turned this area from industrial to incredible!

It's really the centerpiece of Spokane and not to be missed.

The Tuesday market on the riverfront. They even had live music at lunchtime.

The Looff carousel built in 1909 with unique wood carved animals.

We walked around for an hour or so but apparently you can go all the way to Idaho!

Then Deb took me to this ginormous Radio flyer!!

The handle was a slide!

It's really is a beautiful city.

This crazy structure is lit up at night with lots of color.

They have concerts here.

It's an old wonderbread factory!

I love me some art!

Later in the afternoon we decided to take a short hike Even though there was a chance of rain. This is the Riverside park and we did the bowl and pitcher loop trail.

It started out great even with the grey sky and threatening clouds.

About a quarter mile into the 2 mile loop, it started to sprinkle. Not too bad. We agreed to continue.

It got pretty drippy but then stopped. I thought we were in the clear now.

We were enjoying all the wildflowers.

Unfortunately darker rainier clouds descended on us. We walked the last mile in constant rain. Our shoes were squishy but our attitudes were still good. I was happy it wasn't cold and there was no wind.

That's us all soaking wet with my wet phone taking a soggy picture!

When we got into the truck and turned on the heater. Back at Deb's place, we got warm snuggly clothes on and had grilled cheese sandwiches. It rained the rest of the day so we watched movies! 🍿 Perfect rainy day plan!

Deb and her tools!!! We went to visit her mom Ileta at her new home on the river. She's still unpacking and organizing stuff. We offered to assemble this wire cube shelving. It looked pretty easy.....but it took about an hour. When Deb introduced the plyers and hammer, things really got rockin! Snap together..... I call Bullshit!

Don't I look so cute?! This pretty plant is in front of her brother Kevin's home. We made a delivery from her mom's house to here.

This makes me happy!

Our second day, we drove back to Coeur d' Alene to hike around Tubbs Hill. This was another 2 mile loop trail on Lake Coeur d' Alene. It was spectacular and no rain!

I really enjoyed the hike/stroll and the views were incredible.

See the pretty hearts?

Yay!!! They had seaplanes!

I'm happy!

Deb is happy!

I will definitely come back here and spend more time.

Loved the bridge!

See the church in the distance?

We saw this at the beginning but still decided to go. I'm glad we didn't see any cougars.

Beeutiful 🐝


We stopped a refreshing beer after our walk. 🍺

The Marina was very nice and we walked all around this area.

I found where the seaplanes lived and visited them. The prices weren't too bad but I'll save that for the next time.

What a beauty!

Cool bike and it's yellow too! Bonus 😊

It was a very pretty place and it was super clean. They were setting up for an Ironman competition on the weekend.

I found a moose!

Back in Deb's neighborhood we found our new favorite bar. Try it when you come to Spokane.

They had a huge rose garden called Rose Hill. I smelled so many roses and it was wonderful. 🌹

Some very unique ones too.

A Frida Kahlo Rose!

This one might be my favorite.

The formal English gardens.

Inside the greenhouse had lots of pretty flowers!

Look Bananas!

Flowers make me happy! I love them all.

Lots of rules. I only broke number 1 briefly to take a picture.

We both were disappointed with the bright green pond. It was hard to see the koi.

Peace baby!✌️☮️🕊️

In the afternoon we walked from Deb's house about 2 miles up a hill for find Lincoln Park. It was worth it. Not too many people and easy to walk after the hill getting to it.

This was very nice and there were tons of birds, mostly hiding in the trees and bush.

Use got a view of part of the city too.

We didn't get lost... it was just that easy.

We found a spot that these dragonflies all over. We saw tons of them.

We stopped by an artist's cottage and admired her paintings on the way home from the park.

My awesome friend Deb got up at 3:45 am to take me to the airport to catch my early flight out of town. We packed a lot of things into only three full days. We saw friends and family plus had breakfast with her boyfriend Matt when he got off work Tuesday morning. He works night shifts. I hadn't seen him since January in Mexico and since he missed me, he paid for my breakfast! Now I get two planes rides back to San Antonio! Life can't get any better..... can it?

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