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Week 5 - Lo de Marcos 5/3 - 5/9

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Gypsy says no more writting mom, I need some of your attention now.

This week was pretty low key as we spent much of our time here at El Caracol. I have been incorporating more exercise in my days since I joined Holly Rilinger’s Lifted online training program. Larry and I did a live yoga class with Holly and we both enjoyed it. I tried one on demand yoga class this week too. I am finding some muscles that haven’t been used for some time. I’ve felt sore like an old woman….maybe I just Am! I tested the ocean with my ice cream floaty thing and got comfortable swimming with the fishes. I was able to swim twice this week. I did see some fish and a manta ray plus another swimmer…which I thought was a shark at first. That really got my heart racing! I jogged up my hill and back for a nice 2 mile run…no time for bird watching this time. One morning I was really ambitious and did Lifted HIIT class. That’s a butt kicker! I’m taking this program slow…well, at my old lady speed. Ha ha ha. It was a great week of exercise. Jogging, swimming, biking and Holly! Go me!

We had lots of lizard activity here in the park. Larry caught one on the other side of the campground. We did a short photo shoot and then he climbed back up his tree. Some young guests must have got one of their own and the groundskeeper, Luis, told them to come show us. He’s watched us catch a few. One afternoon as we were leaving in the truck, I called Luis over to my window. I tossed a rubber lizard at him and he jumped back immediately! Then he started laughing…so much fun here! I never get tired of chasing lizards and I must have over 1000 pictures of these amazing creatures.

Our Roca Azul friend Deb, our leader to Lo de Marcos, made a move from her park La Parota to our park on Friday morning. Her and her best friend Clarkette parked right across from us in a fabulous shady spot. They liked this place a bit better because of the trees and small pool. They figured it might be nicer for when Deb’s boyfriend Matt arrived later in the day. We all met for dinner at the restaurant across the street La Palapa. The special on Friday night was stuffed lobster tail. We all were glad to be able to get together and have such great food. Her boyfriend is super funny and kept us laughing the whole time.

At one point, the owners' kids came running inside and said iguana….so I followed them out with their mom to see a Huge Mama iguana. I, of course, had to pick it up! I did suffer some claw wounds and carefully cleaned them out. Yes, It was worth it!

We did our usual walking around town…snooping wherever we could. I just love to see what is out there Se Vende (for sale). You never know I might find the perfect beach house or a lot with trees so we can build our tree house…..It will happen someday. We walked down one block and stumbled onto the cute little casita of Julie and her mom Diane. We met them last week at the wine bar and they were so friendly. They have a home in Lake Christina Alberta Canada as well. I didn’t have my camera to snap any pictures, but their place is super cute. Small home but large open patio in front so they can watch all the folks go by. They know everyone in town. We also met their friend Cindy, who is a photographer. She sells her cards, prints and other things at the wine bar. It’s nice to have a few friends here in town.

Sunday we drove into La Penita. Last year when we drove down the coast, La Penita was one of our stops for almost 2 weeks. We really enjoyed the town. Lots of stuff to do. We walked around the centro, saw the refurbished gazebo with new art and the really fixed up the park. Last year they were doing construction on the church but it was complete now. We walked to the beach but not much was going on. We walked up a few side streets and found a cute restaurant to have a snack. Afterwards we walked up the main street to see what interesting things they had to sell. I got a pair of shorts and sun dresses. I also bought a few gifts to mail……so when I figure out how to mail things in Mexico, I’ll do that. It was a good week living on the beach in Lo de Marcos.

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