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I have finally found some time to write! In the past year, we had so much fun!

It's mid November 2022. Larry and I are in Cholula Mexico. Between some volcanos, Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl.

We are heading to Oaxaca city tomorrow to see some friends, Ross and Jacques, we met in February 2020. They were staying in El Rancho RV park.

Larry and I have had many adventures since we saw them last and they also have done some interesting things. We are excited to catch up with them.

Warning: Lots of pictures!

We ran around Cholula and Puebla for a few days. This is the church that was built on top of a pyramid. Super cool!

We’ve been doing our usual walking around the town to take in all the interesting stuff.

Around our trailer park in Cholula

We stayed at Las Americas RV Park in Cholula. It’s a nice little stop.

Fuerte de Loreto, Cholula, Mexico

Cool story about a church turned fortress. We learned at as much as we could. We read Spanish better than we speak it.

Walking around the park that has all the museums

Museo de la Evolución Puebla

Pool time at Las Américas RV Park.

I had my own private pool.

So how did we end up here in Cholula mid November 2022. Well, we did a lot of driving from Mexico through the states to Canada. We spent the summer in Hague and started down through the states in mid July. Working our way back to our house in Ajijic Mexico.

In April, I decided to take an adventure to Spain. First, I took a plane to San Francisco, to make an important visit to Sonoma county.

I was way over due to see this fabulous lady-Mom 💕❤️

I was there everyday and I think she was getting tired of me.

I made a visit to Berkeley to see my beautiful cousin Amanda.

I had a wonderful Easter brunch with my mother in law, Marcia and Kerry, my sister in law. Nilsson side

I had the best time with these two hiding and rehiding Easter eggs. It was great to see my nephew‘s Oliver and Rowan. They like reptiles too! Bonus!

Printers gave me one copy of my new book.

My good friend Nansee took my scenic redwood/ocean drive with me. We got to chat for a few hours while driving through some of my favorite places.

Sonoma County coast

Pat, my good friend and favorite ‘Spin’ instructor!

We had a snack and a few beers at Taps on the Petaluma River.

Heidi let me stay with her for a few nights. She has visited us twice in Mexico in the last year.

The next planes took me to Europe and eventually Spain.

This was a dream I had for over 12 years. I had to seize the opportunity. I walked the Camino del Norte with some old Safeway friends, Vern and Nancy Powers. 508 miles in 44 days!

Vern and Nancy are on the right. My new friend Lisa is next to me. She’s from Germany.

While I was in Spain, Larry traveled solo up to his hometown of Hague to spend time with his family and get his house ready to sell.

Larry and I met back in Edmonton Canada when he picked me up at the airport after traveling by multiple planes for 29 hours! It was great to see him 😘

We spent 5 weeks visiting with family and having local adventures at the river, lakes and lots of bike rides.

We left Hague in mid July.

Picking up our motorcycle that was in storage across the border in Montana. Canadian border control wouldn't let Larry take our Mexican plated bike into Canada. I'm very displeased with them.

Fort Peck, Montana, our first stop after the border.

It was a beautiful lake and a well thought out campground.

Welcome to Great Falls, Montana, said Mr. Badger

We stopped to visit with Chris And his wife Lindsay. Chris was a Lanyard court neighbor from almost 30 years ago. He moved from California a few years ago. He and Lindsay have a thriving detail business. We had a great dinner out on the Missouri River at MacKenzie’s Pizza Co. Afterwards we got a tour of the town. Super fun!

We took their adorable boys, Christopher and Nathan to ride bikes along the river. They have great kids…….. We want to adopt them as our grandkids! So polite and friendly.

We loved our visit and hope to meet up on the sand dunes some day. They have an RV and a Can-Am Maverick, X.3 side by side. I need to drive it!

Stevensville, Montana was an amazing stop. We had to stop, literally cuz the truck broke. Brakes and rear axle.

But we found snakes hiking around!

This area is so beautiful and a week wasn’t long enough.

My super generous cousin Mike, hosted us complete with a truck to drive until the repairs were done!

He just recently moved from California. He bought a house with some acres. He’s doing a remodel currently but this is an awesome place on top of a hill with fantastic views.

And he has a brand new tractor with air conditioning and a stereo!!

After some brief instruction, he let me drive this beauty.

Larry and I got to pull out fence posts. It was all fun and games until……..

Somebody got hurt. It was a freak accident. I really wasn’t trying to kill him. Three broken ribs and the wind knocked out of him. It was frightening. He’s still mending after 4 months.😢

Great visit and a great place to explore. Lots of hiking trails, lakes and history. And cousin Mike!

We found this incredible campground in Bozeman Montana that had three hot pools outside and more inside with dry and steam saunas. All included in the price! Big win. We enjoyed an evening with my childhood friend Cindy. We visit her every time we are close. Our families have been friends from before I has born.

We also got parked in an Airstream section of the park. A very nice stop.

They had giant chess too.

This cute place was right off the main road but quite nice. They had lots of farm animals and a great shower. Right after we parked, another airstream arrived and parked next to us. We were the only 2 campers there.

Wayside RV Park, Broadus Montana.

Heading to Lead, South Dakota to visit Bob and Laura. Super nice couple who welcomes us each time we are in the area. We met Laura in February 2020 in Catemaco, Veracruz. We were camping and she had rented a casita for the winter.

Laura took us hiking to some waterfalls. Roughlock falls.

It was an easy hike but you could feel great about yourself. There was trails through dirt but also much paved walkways. You can access the top viewing area by a wheelchair path with close parking. A very well planned recreation area.

Laura has many traveling stories and we enjoy the time we spend with them.

And she's a great photographer.

Bye Laura. Bye Bob. Bob is awesome! He cooks for my husband like I won't and coffee is always on when Larry gets up. We are really spoiled here.

Cat approved!

Lake view

Nice trails and places to walk around

Beautiful sunset

Made it to Kansas City to see Tommy! We’ve been friends for many years. We worked at Sonoma State together. He retired a few years before me and moved across the country

Gypsy loved this campground until a big dog chased her up a tree

Larry had to stand on the roof of the truck to get her down.

We went to this incredible steamboat museum in the city.

We walked along the Mississippi River

This cool bridge has an elevator to let boats go threw

Larry’s trail

Fun hike

This place was like a drug trip

Loved it

Had to leave the motorcycle at Tommy’s when he had to head back to Canada. Larry’s dad passed away.

Tommy has many beautiful rose bushes

Joe, Tommy’s brother, Tommy and us in their big backyard. They have a huge garden and tons of bird feeders.

Blue Springs Lake in Lee’s Summit. on the outskirts of the city.

We drove two days for 10 plus hours. This campground was a big dirt lot associated with a hotel. It was a place to sleep. Casselton, South Dakota

Last leg to Hague. We left at the crack of dawn.

Mom and Dad, Eva and Pete Fehr

Pete and Mitch in the corner

Above is my uncle George. He went into the hospital again the beginning of August. He lived in Washington state and we talked a lot. it was hard knowing how sick he was.

This is my brother James. He also ended up in the hospital at the beginning of August. He had complications from Covid. He had another stroke and his blood sugar was sky high. His transplanted kidney stopped functioning. He was gravely ill for over a month. He’s on the mend but as of right now, November 2022, he’s in the hospital. The good thing that has come out of this is I have talked to him more than I have in the past 5 years.😊❤️

The best part of going back to Hague was I got to spend more time with my favorite Brother Gerald!😊

We look a bike ride along the south Saskatchewan River. We stopped to hydrate of course.

We spent a lot of time with Mom.

And this goofball ❤️

Ger helped us a bunch at the house. There was some work to finish up so we could sell it.

We made apple pies from what we picked off of Darryl’s tree.

Mom came to visit us at our campground in Darryl’s backyard.

Trouble with a capital T ! Gerald and Darryl. Both are single, ladies.

I love trains!

I'll make everyone pose with me and my trains.

Brother Ron and his energetic grandsons, Elijah and Josiah.

We did some powerwashng.

Painted a fence. I wanted Pink but we went with the original 'Basic fence white' .

I just love color

Found some snakes in Hague.

Gerald is now a snake lover....he hangs out with me too much.

Aunt Susan's baby, Hugo. I wanted to steal him. Gypsy wants a pet dog.

Gerald cleaning the patio of our Love Shack......Baby!

Happily spreading color and good energy

My two handsome Men

Goodbyes are hard

Last operation. Secretly done while Darryl worked.

Gerald closes the gate as we drive off again

First stop across the border, Kenmare, North Dakota. Cat approved. That's a beer behind my smartfood.,_North_Dakota

I squeezed in an early morning walk to an outdoor Pioneer village museum. It was good and the price was right. Free

We arrived after Labor day weekend and had the whole place to ourselves.

Great place to walk and relax

Back to Kansas City to pick up the motorcycle stored at Tommy's house. We went back to the same campground because we liked it. Great price and close to Kansas City. Blue Springs Lake Campground.

Found this tiny snake on a big hike. Lots of trails around the lake.

Pin Oak Rv Park in Villa Ridge, Missouri. It was just outside of St. Louis.

Found Larry hiding in the flowers again

We spent the day in St. Louis around and inside of the Gateway Arch

It was spectacular

From up inside

A boat ride.....Of course!

A bike ride.....Hell ya!

We found this beautiful park that had tropical plants that reminded me of Mexico. Tower grove park.

When I found out the corvette museum was pretty close, we headed in that direction. We left our rig in the parking lot when we toured it. https://www.corvettemuseum.

One of my favorites

My happy place


Mammoth Caves

I got a special seat on the bus


I had to peek at the Dinosaurs. It was too expensive for me

We met halfway between Cave City, Kentucky and Hendersonville, Tennessee to have dinner with Vince and Marlene. Vince and I worked together at Safeway starting in 1983. They are special people and we couldn’t pass by without a visit. They had to kick us out of the restaurant because the staff wanted to go home. Vince and Marlene moved from California a few years ago.

We got insider information from Vince and Marlene about parking at the Titan Stadium for free. It was short walk across the footbridge to the center of Nashville.

Do you see the Batman building?

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

We had a great lunch at Acme Feed and Seed………complete with live music.

Of course we stopped at the Johnny Cash Museum!

Larry and Johnny

Made a stop in Lavina, Tennessee to see Robin. We met Robin in Jocotepec in February 2020 at Roca Azul RV Park. Robin let us stay at his beautiful property for a few night. There is lots of grass and shady trees plus he has a lovely garden.

He took us to a country fair.

They had a great petting zoo.

We found a snake show. I got to hold a Florida kingsnake

The Zipper! My favorite fair ride

Robin volunteered to ride with me when Larry declined. Robin can check that off his bucket list now.

This cutie climbed up on Robin but I missed the shot😢

Robin gave me one of his roses as we were taking off. Robin in super sweet and a great musician. He even wrote a song ab