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Living on a Nudie Beach for the holidays and more! December 22 through February 3, 2020

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The drive from Puerto Escondido to Zipolite is only 1 and ½ hours. Easy Breezy. It was a narrow winding road but not as bad as we expected. We found a great campground 2 blocks from the beach called Los Angeles Hotel Rancho los Mangos. They have a nice 4 story hotel, some bungalows, RV and tent camping. It’s on a mango and coconut plantation with a great swimming pool and restaurant. It was gated and secure but so far I haven’t felt unsafe during our travels.

As soon as we got the trailer set up, we got on our bikes to explore a bit. Zipolite is a hippie community with two main streets before the beach. It’s small and friendly. They have one small store with some basic groceries. Lots of small hotels on the beach and places to buy souvenirs.

Larry and I have visited this beach the last two times we were down here in Huatulco but just for the day. When we were looking for campgrounds in Huatulco and discovered there were none, this became the best option if we were wanting to be close. I thought living on a Nudie beach would make a great story. It’s a very comfortable place with lots of creative energy. There are artisans living here and making beautiful jewelry, clothing and artwork along with musicians and performers.

I enjoyed taking some pictures of the graffiti on the alley walls, some with powerful images or sayings. Zipolite allows the people here to be “who they are'' and express themselves the way they are comfortable. One of these ways is public nudity. I just wanted to experience everything here and we needed to stay more than a day or two. It ended up being 6 weeks.

This could be a long story but I will stick to some highlights even though we had highlights everyday it seems. Lol... We loved the campground and explored it several times a week. It is on 5 acres so we could walk around to see the birds, lizards and flowers. We watched the mangos grow to almost picking stage but left a few weeks shy….so unfortunately I only got a few free mangos. We did find a handful of coconuts and Larry would cut them open with his ‘new’ machete for me to drink the juice. I loved that. They had starfruit everywhere and we acquired a taste for them. They made great juice. We also found some of my new favorite fruit-Chica. We were able to get a dozen ripe ones while we were there. The grounds were beautiful and we could have easily been happy staying right there but we walked to the beach every day, at least for a little bit.

The beach was about 1 mile long. Some mornings, I would do my jog up and down if the sand was flat. We spent many afternoons laying on the beach, watching people come and go. Not all folks were nude. Some days we were and some days we weren’t. There were naked bodies of all sizes and shapes. It was a fabulously comfortable place to be yourself, whoever you are. It seems like there were a fair amount of gay folks enjoying their freedom as well as families with kids. Everything was ok but not creepy. I always felt safe and saw nothing offensive. One of our highlights was to be able to watch the sunrise in the morning while we were nude in the ocean and return again in the evening to watch it set while we stood in the water. I’m not sure if you could do this all year because of how the sun rotates in the sky. We just lucked out while we were there.

We were only going to stay for a month until another camper told us about the International Nudist Festival that is in February. We figured we needed to stay for that for sure!! When do you get the opportunity to hang out with 4000 other nudists?? Lol... Larry even played volleyball during the festival!!

We met some friendly campers on the first day we arrived. Mike and Leslie were from Wisconsin and spent 6 months at Zipolite every year. They have a permanent trailer at Rancho de Mangos. They have even landscaped their area with a deck around the trailer. Leslie is a retired cop and Mike used to manage an RV Park in Wisconsin. They gave us some good ideas for things to do in the area. We usually met them in the late afternoon at the pool. During the time we were here, I swam almost every day. I tried to get a mile done but some days other guests got in my way and shortened my swim. I even saw a woman doing her own aqua aerobics a few times.

We went to the small village of Mazunte to do a sunset hike on the second night we were here. It was super tricky finding the place because the directions were sketchy. The road was so narrow that if another car came in the opposite direction, one of us would pull to the side as best we could. We finally found a place to park but never found the trail to hike to the top of the hill for the sunset. We walked around the beach and hung out on the rocks as the sunset. It was nice and I think we avoided all the mosquitoes that we would have encountered on the trail through the jungle. While we were at Zipolite, we found out they had quite a problem with mosquitos that carry Dengue. Luckily, neither Larry and I got sick. We did talk with one camper who ended up in the hospital for several days.

One of our favorite places close by is Hautulco. We spent several days there exploring. We went on this hike/walk called Camino a La Entegra. It was a long hot loop that passed by Playa Violin Beach. We hiked down to find several dead turtles that the vultures were tearing apart.

We had lunch at the Lighthouse at El Faro with a view of Bahia de Chahue. Below us, there was a large blowhole but it’s best seen from the water. The hike was only 4 miles but the heat made it seem longer. After, we went to one of our favorite beaches south of Huatulco called Copalita. It is where the Copalita river enters the ocean. Larry and I visit here each time we come to watch the sea birds. It is where we had our second unofficial date! Lol... Our first unofficial date was to the Eco park near Copalita back in December 2017. When we got to Copalita, we sadly discovered that we had forgotten to bring swimwear, towels and sandals. So we stopped by Chedraui (grocery store) to buy some flip flops. We were determined to still enjoy the beach for a while. It would be a 1 and ½ hour drive back to Zipolite to get our stuff and we weren’t doing that. We walked up and down the beach and explored the Rio Copalita. After, we stopped for a beer and chips at one of the 2 little beachside restaurants.

On another visit to Huatulco, we stopped to see our friend Karla who works at the Binniguenda Hotel doing entertainment. It was nice to see her smiling familiar face but she works so much this was the only short and sweet visit we had during our time here. One of my favorite places to go for food is Guns and Beers.

It’s a great place for a beer and some tasty pub food. They have a nice pool you can use with a minimum food purchase. We stopped here a few times and always enjoyed ourselves... plus I just love to say, “Guns and Beers.!!”

While we were here we definitely had to spend some time with Larry’s good friend Pedro (Peter) and his family. Peter is a beach vendor and sells tablecloths. Ever since Larry has been coming to Hautulco, about 10 years, he meets up with this family. Peter’s wife is Lucy and they have 3 lovely daughters, Marilyn, Samantha and Leslie. Samantha is a new mother so they are grandparents of darling little Juliette. Marilyn is living in the states as all the children are US citizens. We met at this beautiful beach called Bahia Conejo. We had a great lunch with lobster and oysters. Larry doesn’t usually eat oysters but after a few beers decided to have some.

After the beach, we drove them home to their rented one-bedroom apartment. Peter and Larry had a few shots of Mezcal. Things began to get interesting. Sam and Leslie asked to come back to Zipolite and spend the night in the trailer, oh, and of course bring the baby. Larry said he was fine if I was fine. This was the beginning of a very long 24 hour period. The girls were fine and the baby was an angel but that’s a lot of energy and we missed our alone time. Lol...

We got to the trailer and after the girls inspected every inch, we had to find food for everyone. We ate at a nice place right on the main street. It even had pasta so everyone was happy. Just after Larry finished his meal, he tossed me his wallet and said he had to go. Me and the girls finished up and walked the 2 blocks back to the large wooden gate to the resort. I was hoping that it wasn’t locked already. Larry usually climbs up and over to open the gate for me. Luckily it was still unlocked. When we found Larry later, he explained he had an unexplained immediate stomach flu… and now he was better.

The next morning we walked a bit on the beach but the girls weren’t too interested so we spent the day at the pool. I brought down my ice cream floaty and goggles. The pool even had a slide. When we weren’t in the water, the girls went crazy using my phone to take pictures and send them to themselves. We had a great time with them but were glad to deliver them safely back home by dinner time.

One of Larry’s good friends, Tico has 2 fishing boats. We usually go out with him at least once while we are down here. He takes us out to see whales, dolphins and turtles. We were very lucky to see them all day while we were out. We had invited Leslie and Mike from our campground but they had plans already so it was just Larry, me, Tico and his boat hand Nau. We did some fishing and Larry was the big winner of the day.

He caught a sailfish! It took him almost an hour to get him on the board. We took a few pictures and set him free. Tico always does catch and release. I didn’t catch anything but still enjoyed being out on the water. We brought some snacks and Tico always has more than enough beer on board. We went to a few special spots to do some snorkeling. Nau is a great swimmer and will dive down and bring up sea creatures for us. He brought up a huge lobster, a sea cucumber, sea anime and starfish. I was super excited when he came up with a yellow puffer fish!!

We didn’t have an underwater camera so I’ll just have to keep pictures in my memories. We toured around the nine bays of Huatulco. It was the most perfect day on the ocean and we had a blast just like always. I would highly recommend Tico and his friendly knowledgeable crew.

We spent the day at Puerto Angel, a beach town a few kilometers from Zipolite. We parked by the beach and walked/hiked around the hilly town. We hiked up to some amazing views and down some dirt roads to discover some hidden beaches.

We found an amazing house right on the water that had been abandoned for some time. Every time we come across one of these gems, I wonder…..if Larry and I could buy and fix it up. We are always looking for the perfect place to rebuild or build a place in the future. We hung out at this house for a bit and then hiked back up the hill. We chased lizards and watched birds until it was time to go back to the beach for the afternoon. We found a nice restaurant to spend the rest of the afternoon and we changed into our swimming suits. We rented some snorkels and went out exploring near some large rocks. It was hazy water so we didn’t see much. Too bad. Time for lunch and beer! This is a small fishing village and very beautiful. We planned on returning on another day but that never happened on this trip.

We did a walk/hike nearly every morning around Zipolite. There were lots of dirt roads across highway 175. Larry found a great place to see parrots just across from our resort. We went up there a few times but I was never able to get any good pictures of the birds…..too far up in the trees and they wouldn’t land for any length of time. I was happy just seeing and hearing them and getting some exercise. Laying around on the beach all day does get boring…really it does. I need to have some other activity for part of the day. On our walks, we snooped around all the other resorts and hotels. Sometimes we would stop for a snack or beer but other times, we only just snooped around. Lol

We were hoping that some of Larry’s family would come to Huatulco while we were there. We kept looking to find a place for his brother Darryl to stay close to us. We did a lot of looking but the plane fares never came down enough for anyone to visit. Both Larry and I were disappointed, but we still had a blast here. We just wished we could have shared it with them too. We even waited to schedule our bird watching trip, waiting for Darryl.

One morning at 6 am, too early for me, Larry brought a cute, skinny, dirty cat into the trailer to surprise me. Wow!! He said not to feed it but I was already opening up a can of tuna before he finished his sentence. She loved it and stayed a while for a few pets and some pictures.

She loved it and stayed a while for a few pets and some pictures. She was very friendly for being a wild Mexican cat but left after her meal. The next morning, she showed up again. More tuna of course! Later that day, she was hanging out under our trailer when we got back from the beach.

Each day, she stayed longer and I was beginning to think we had a cat. Larry said she was dirty and not to let her sleep inside the trailer…..Ya right! She slept inside the very first week. We got a cat! Yeah!

The first year I came to Huatulco to meet Larry for a week vacation, we went out bird watching with a guide by the name of Cornelio. We called him for another bird watching adventure. This time we traveled up into the mountains around a coffee plantation for a full day of bird watching. The beautiful mountain top village was called Pluma Hidalgo in the Sierra Madres. We saw or heard 31 different types of birds. They were high up in trees and were near impossible to photograph…at least for me! We had a marvelous day walking around the coffee plantation and we were served lunch when we were finished. On the way down the mountain, we stopped at the village to do some sightseeing. We went to the church and then walked around some shops. We visited the wonderful home of Elia Martinez. She will guide you through her lovely garden of flowers and plants from all over the world! I took so many pictures here. It was amazing. We gave her some pesos for her time. On the way back to Zipolite, we found a nice restaurant that had casitas to rent. We took a tour of the property before our lunch was ready. We always love going with Cornelio birdwatching. He does a great job finding the most amazing birds!

One day we headed out to Huatulco and never made it there! We found a road on the way with a sign to Playa Zapotengo. We decided to see what was down this road. It took way longer than I expected to get to the beach as we winded down some pretty sketchy narrow dirt roads. We saw a taxi driver ahead of us so we felt like we were headed in the right direction. We eventually made it to a super small village with 2 restaurants and lots of palapas on the beach. It was close to 1 pm and it was mostly deserted except for the locals. It was an amazing beach and we explored it for hours. There was a river or lagoon that dumped into the ocean.