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Lo de Marcos February 19- March 5 2023 I can’t believe how much stuff we packed into two weeks!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

I saw this parrot cruising around on a motorcycle. His owner stopped at the beer store.

Deb shopping for her grandson.

I love art 💕

I had a great opportunity to collect trash with these amazing folks one Sunday morning!! To my left in the red hat is the Delgado or mayor of Lo de Marcos, Chiqui and his mom.💕

Deb and I did a monday morning stroll with Memo’s hiking group in the countryside.

It was a small but fun group! This is us outside the tunnel that home to hundreds of bats! 🦇

Happy giraffe outside the preschool.

Another gorgeous sunset.

Beautiful murals in San Francisco. San Pancho ( it’s nickname) is the next beach town south of us. We went to their market.

💕 Truth ❤️

We found a magical place for brunch called Chido Greens. They had the most delicious salads and smoothies. The prices were great too!

Larry picked our first ripe jackfruit.

This cute kid took a turn riding a mechanical bull at a fundraiser we attended. I love the glowing eyes.

Catching this deadly coral snake was one of my most exciting adventures in Mexico so far. Sadly, the last great adventure with Larry.🥲

Video releasing the snake below

Deb, Larry and I went to Bucerias to see the chalk art one afternoon.

Besides the chalk art, they had vendors selling their work along the display.

Cool sign but we resisted the temptation.

We toured an art gallery that had beautiful mosaics.

I love the colors of México 🇲🇽

This was interesting to see. An old Berkeley fire truck!

We walked the beach in search of food and beverages.

We ate at The Fay Boy seafood.

There is a lot to do and see in bucerias.,_Nayarit

My pretty friend Deb in front of the chalk art walk 💕

Another hike with Memo and 28 hiking friends. We took the bus to San Francisco (37 pesos) to walk back to Lo de Marcos. We walked/hiked 11.7 miles! There was one grueling hill….that was about 2 miles long!!! It was so steep and I thought it would never end!

This man walked out of the La Perla gardens to show us his big buds on his hemp plant.

Can you see me??? It looks like I have white Micky mouse gloves on.

We took an overnight road trip to Ajijic on Lake Chapala to see our friend Joe in a performance at the Little Lakeside Theater.

We stayed in Jocotepec with our friends Carol and Marvin. We treated them to the show. It was a mix of many famous broadway musical.

I got to get dressed up too!

The cast. Joe is in the lower right corner. Hi Joe! 👋👋

Sweeney Todd

South Pacific

Joseph and the amazing technicolor jacket.


This handsome guy was in one of the numbers. I tried to get his autograph but he didn’t come out after the show.🥲

Our friends, Carol and Marvin. We met them 3 years ago at Roca Azul in Jocotepec.

We all had dinner at Tango. We have eaten here a few times so we felt everyone would enjoy it.

This was are amazing accommodations at Marv and Carol‘s. Their house is spectacular!!


The house is so Beautiful, I didn’t want to leave.

This was their main living space.

They have a garden and lovely orchard.

One of their guard dogs…….taking a break.

Then we went to Tino’s to pick him up to bring him back to the beach with us. He has a home in Jocotepec and across the lake in San Pedro up in the hills.

Larry and Tino loaded his motorcycle so he had his own transportation in Lo De Marcos. He stayed with us in a hammock.

There is beauty everywhere…… open your eyes.

This guy Jarrod flies all over these beaches everyday. I watched him take someone with him this time.

Here’s a video

This is just a pile of rocks…….or is it?

A new hotel in town. We watched it being built last year. It’s spectacular!!

We had drinks on the roof at their sky bar.

Next time we will bring our swimming suits.

They had some goods beers here. 🍻

We could see the sunset through the trees…..barely.

The sky gave us some beautiful colors.

Then we tried out the new artisan beer place. Yum! La Pinta.

I didn’t catch this lizard….he caught me! He hopped on my arm.😊🦎

Fabulous coffee place only feet from the beach! Linda’s beach cafe 💕

The lagoon across from the beach. I always look for crocodile. Someday I’ll see them for sure!

A tree loaded with pelicans.

I love our beach!

I started walking the whole beach. It’s two miles round trip.

I talked Deb into hiking up to the castle house to see the sunset.

It was pretty steep but she didn’t complain….much! Ha Ha Ha 🤣😂

Worth it!

Even the clouds were beautiful.

Another Saturday hike with Memo and the Nayarit Rivera Hikers. We took collectivos (vans ) to Manadarina. It’s where the super rich build their million dollar homes. They have their own beach. The beach is public but there’s a guard station and they make it hard to get in. Memo arranged things for our hike.

This is a coati. He didn’t seem to care when 60 gringos hiked past him.

I let Deb walk in front of me so she doesn’t feel old. 🤣😂

They had two huge pools on the beach. It was early and overcast so no one was on the beach yet.

The guard station made us line up and photographed the group before letting us in to hike.

We bought tickets for another fundraiser dinner and dance. I can’t even remember what it was for. There was an equal ratio of gringos to Mexicans so I liked that. No vegetarian option. So I ate my small portion of rice and veggies and fed my chicken to the many stray dogs at the table. It was a good event overall.

Deb and I took a road-trip through guadalajara to Ajijic and Mascota. I dropped off my personal belongings at the house.

The drive was beautiful and easy. I really enjoyed myself.

Driving from Ajijic towards Mascota.

We came across a big truck in the ditch and watchEd the tractor pull it out. We were only stopped for a few short minutes.