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Lo De Marcos to Mazatlan Another Fun Adventure with My Partner in Crime, Deb!😎

I was so glad to see my favorite beach again even if it was only for the afternoon. Back at Lo De Marcos for a day.

We got a nice beach walk in. The beach was practically deserted. Most of the Canadians and Americans have flown back home as their weather improves.

We got up early to get Deb's trailer ready to roll. I'd love to say the drive to Mazatlan was perfect and uneventful but that's not the truth sadly.🥲 We again suffered truck issues. I'm thinking I'm jinxing poor Deb! This time her Ford F150 with the turbo charge was so nasty getting up the hills. It was over revving and the wrench light came on. It was horribly unnerving. It never quit..... it made it up every hill and eventually the light went off and cheered itself up. The flat part was good but we know something is not right. Our overnight in Mazatlan turned into a week for me. Deb is staying longer to have the truck looked at again at the Ford dealership. I don't want to say anything here but I'm a Chevy kind of gal!

That's tiny me by the big T!

Here's our fabulous pool at the RV park. We had the pool to ourselves and there was only 2 other campers. We spent lots of time here. I'm on vacation again!

The first gorgeous sunset. We had a wonderful dinner at the hotel across the street. (Torres Mazatlan) They had a huge plate of roasted veggies for me! So yummy plus two mango margaritas. 🍹🍹

They had an awesome pool that I spent time at on afternoon before I got a massage. I made myself at home.

This is the beach by where we are camping. They had huge crashing waves and it wasn't a great beach to swim in. It was narrow. The day I was going to walk it there was jellyfish everywhere and I was advised not to get my feet in the water. I was sad.

I met this young man and we tried to communicate. Him with his poco inglés and me with my Española limitada. I must have wore him down because he laid down to nap.

Pretty flowers in our campground.

I love plumerias 🌸

On the busy street in front of the RV park, they have a bike path that runs along the center of the road. I spent many early morning walking and jogging on. This was at the farthest west end away from everything.

We are on hotel row. They have some spectacular properties here away from downtown Mazatlan and the Malecon.

Down here I found a nicer beach to visit.

There's my bike path that I put many many miles on this past week.

See my little iguana friend?

I touched him several times but wasn't able able to catch him.....super smart lizard!🦎

This beautiful green guy eluded me too!

This are my makeshift dumbbells on the road. They actually worked well!💪

I enjoyed the hotel pool before my massage.

The Mazatlan Malecon. We walked nearly the whole thing....between two days.

We found a pub with artisanal beer.


Look! Jim Carrey!

We saw everyone here tonight.

We took a bus to the observatorio by the marina. The bus only costs 13 pesos (17 cents) and the ride was 30 minutes.

One of the main reasons we came here was for the funicular but it was closed 🥲

So we walked 221 stairs up instead of the fun car!

It was amazing!

Plus they had great beer!

We toured the bird aviary with rescued birds which included some of my favorites.

I love toucans!

Deb is so lucky!

They had peacocks roaming free.

We got great views of the city.

Museum with cool old stuff.... ha ha ha

I'd ride that bike!

Stand here Deb and let me take your picture! After many months, I have her trained well.😁

We decided to walk up the hill on the Malecon back into town at the hottest part of the day!☀️😎

I found the New Love of my Life here on the Malecon!❤️

Hats were a necessity!

I found the Beatles here.

So pretty!

I'm very lucky to make friends wherever I go. 🍀

We saw tons of nice VWs cruising around day and night.

See the glass mirador on the right side of the mountain?

Deb and I walked up to see it early one morning...... not early enough because it was smoking hot by 7:30 am already. It was a 25 minute walk and we were soaked with sweat when we finally reached the top!

I had to take this picture when I was ahead of Deb...... I'm usually her tail.

This was awesome and it only cost 27 pesos ($1.50)

We had to wear special slippers too.

We both really loved it up here.

See me??

The historic center.

The plaza

This is a fancy parking garage!

Deb loves her ice cream 😁

They had tons of cops out and I felt safe.

We went to the famous Hotel Freeman to the sky bar.

I made another friend. He looked like he was about 12.

Sunset at the rv park.

Last day at my private pool and 88 degree weather.

Last Mazatlan sunset.

I finally caught a lizard here on my last morning 🦎

Goodbye trusty trailer!

Here I go on my next adventure ✈️

Adios México 🇲🇽

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Robin Glasco
Robin Glasco
21 may 2023

I didn't recognise the Las Jibas park from your pictures until the last one. I didn't think the pool was that big. I should have spent more time in Mazatlan. Safe travels. :)

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we have a lot of fun!

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