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My Canadian Family

When Larry and I got married, I was lucky to inherit a great big family! They are loving, kind and very generous. The past few months in Hague Saskatchewan, I’ve got to spend more time with them. I am especially happy with my friendship with Larry’s youngest brother Gerald. Ger is almost 43 years old.

Gerald has spent a lot of time with us at ‘Our campground’ in Darryl’s backyard. Darryl is one of my new brothers. He has two sweet and athletic daughters that are both in High School. We like it here and the price is right.

Gerald, Larry and I , decided to spruce up one of Darryl’s sheds in the yard. We like Color! We think Darryl likes it, because he hasn’t painted over it.

Gerald is a pretty amazing young man. He lives on his own in a home with other people like him. There is staff at the house to help keep them on schedule, drive them to work and help with meals. Gerald has 4 jobs. One in Waldheim at Menno industries, one at the sunshine house (a home for more severely handicap folks), one in Osler and one day at the The Hague Pharmacy.

We visited Gerald at work this week at Menno industries. Ger’s job is to keep the kitchen clean, make coffee for breaks and lunch plus when he’s not in the kitchen, he sweeps and mops the building.

This is a non profit business that makes construction stakes, toys and other wood products and they sort recycling. They give jobs based on interest. Gerald has worked here for 23 years! He’s worked in the wood shop but prefers the kitchen. We got a whole tour from Gord and Kevin the 2 staff members that day. Gord told us they have one man that prefers to work out of the shop. He enjoys collecting pine cones. That’s his job! Wonderful. The Canadian government subsidies the pay for the workers and they have a small store that sells all the products they make. At the shop, ‘The wood and needle’, we got to see the sewing department. I bought a few small items. I love the whole idea of this kind of work. It’s a ‘Win-Win’ for everyone.

inspirational sign

Gerald’s kitchen

The construction stakes

wooden toys

The Wood ‘n Needle in downtown Waldheim

We have had many fun activities with Gerald and the rest of the family. We did a day trip to Anglin Lake to see Brother John and Ronna. Two of their kids, Taylor and Marissa were up there too. Ger and I hiked along the lake before dinner (lunch). After we ate, John took us out in the boat. We toured around and fished some. Mom, Ronna, Taylor and Marissa stayed back at the beach. Gerald got a turn driving the boat at the end of the day. He liked it!

What I love about Gerald is that he’s willing to try new things but also knows what he doesn’t want to do. He was clear when he told me he’s not skydiving with us!

Here are some of the Gerald, Larry and Rhonda‘s Adventures, known as the Tres Amigos. Don’t get us confused with the Tres Hermanos, Gerald, Larry and Darryl.

We Kayaked on Pike Lake

That’s our inflatable two person kayak…. It only takes 10 minutes to blow up.

We had delicious milk shakes at The Berry Barn.

They had a lovely path along the river with beautiful flowers!

I was the only one to get a Saskatoon berry milkshake. Those guys got chocolate.

Larry and Gerald made pies. I posed for the pictures.

The Hague Museum put on a awesome car show one Saturday afternoon.

Beautiful corvette

I had a lot of favorites

We spent an afternoon on the south Saskatchewan River riding bikes.

I love all the beautiful bridges

I can always get Ger to smile ❤️

We had lunch at our favorite place (Cathedral Social Hall) and after had ice cream too!

Gerald even accompanied me on the kiddie rides at Kinsmen park!

Yellow Ferris wheel

Canadian pacific miniature train!

We squeezed in another lake trip to Shell lake. We visited Derrick and Caley at their new lake cabin. Gerald and I got more kayaking done plus drove a golf cart all around town.

I think Gerald has been having a good time but I’m having My best summer in Canada ever!

Thanks Gerald for being such a great brother!

Ger, Selena and Freddy

Gerald and Chantelle

Larry and mom, Eva

Peter A. Fehr

Peter A. Fehr, Hague Sk, passed away peacefully, surrounded with loving family August 3, 2022, in Rosthern at the age of 86 years.

Pete was born in Hague, Sk, on September 6th, 1935. He grew up in Alberta and Sask.

In 1957, Pete married the love of his life, Eva Neufeld, on September 1, Eva's 18th birthday. Together they shared 64 years of marriage. They moved 34 times in 15 years between Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta. In 1972, they settled in Hague, SK, on a 40 acre farm. They resided there until 2013, then moved into Hague. Pete stayed living there until his peaceful passing after a 7 day stay in the hospital.

Pete had many different jobs until he became an owner of a house moving company.

As the oldest son of Peter P and Maria (Goertzen), family was very important to him. He was always ready for a visit with his family, extended family, and friends. He always had a big hug for everyone, but a trademark kiss for mom. One of his last lucid moments was a kiss for her.

Peter is survived by his wife Eva; children; Gerald, Sheldon John (Ronna), Mitch (Raj), Larry (Rhonda), Darryl, Ron (Sherry), Betty (Abe), Bob (Lin); 22 grandchildren, 11 of whom are married; 23 great grandchildren; numerous relatives.

Ron, Sheldon John, Larry, Darryl and Gerald in the back. You can see mom, over Sheldon’s head

Dad with Mitch ❤️

Grandkids, Amman, Arman, Emily and Spencer with Dad

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