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My Daughter, My Friend By Marlene Boyer

My friendship story revolves around

my daughter. We were never friends when she was growing up because I had to be the mom. And she had to be the willful child. Then she had children and suddenly there was a rude awakening. She realized that being a mom was hard and it does not get easier. Then we became friends because we could talk amongst ourselves about the things that we shared. Like the hurts and heartaches and the hope that

we all have for our children. I still think back to those days but do not remember the fights or hard feelings. I remember the good stuff. In her last book, she reminded me of the good things. There was a lot of joy. When you get old, all you have is your memories. You do not really have a future because you are old. Therefore, it is nice to watch your grandchildren grow and your daughter grow. And now we have become friends. That is what being a friend is all about. It’s about love.

Marlene Lea Boyer

Born on April 1 1940 in Fort Knox, Kentucky to Mildred and Joe Duisman.

I traveled around a lot because my father was in the Army. My favorite place that we lived was Hawaii. I settled in Petaluma, California. I raised two fine children, Rhonda and James.

I worked at Safeway for almost 20 years and am now enjoying retirement. I’m an avid reader and

love doing puzzles.

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