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Never Boring at Border

We left Kelowna Lake and the Okanagan Valley today heading to cross the border at Osoyoos-Oroville. It’s only an hour and 30 minutes but we left after noon. We did our usual dilly dallying and stops for pictures. We arrived at the US immigration border crossing around 3:45pm. We stopped at the duty free shop to pick up some cheap beer, Kahlua and cigarettes first. We were hoping for the best but had a plan if Larry wasn’t allowed into the states. He is very close to his 180 days and as we found out the last time, “I can turn you away if I want to”. That was from Border officer Polhemus back in July.

We were asked to pull the truck and trailer to a special parking area. We had to give them everything, keys, phones, passports and ID. We were taken to the waiting area again. They asked a bunch of questions, but mainly wanted to know if we had any cash in the truck or trailer and the location. We let them know exactly where it was and they would bring it to us. I was not very impressed with their efforts. They tried 3 times but couldn’t find Larry’s pile of money. Finally, one female officer asked me to find it. When I went into the Airstream, she asked that I didn’t make any sudden movements and to keep my hands where she could see them. I found the cash right where I had directed them to it. Great job border cops! Then they spent well over an hour tearing up our home. I was questioned on my little aluminum foil packets of advil and tylenol. They also didn’t like my benadryl and imodium AD out of the original container. I had to explain how I pack the little pills in my backpack for hiking or my fanny pack for bike riding. We were finally let loose. They did tell Larry he needed to keep a binder with all his statements from his back accounts, mortgage and utility bills to prove that he does live in Canada and will return. Each time we cross they tell us some different hoops we need to go through. It’s always a hassle and we feel like crap for the rest of the day. Not the same when We cross into Canada.

We found a state park campground in Oroville Washington one mile from the border. I was beat! I started drinking my new bottle of kahlua. I’m not even sure if I made food for dinner...I just drank. The campground was not that good. I was a little embarrassed by the old, dated and not so clean restrooms compared to the nice ones we left behind in Canada. Oh well. We will find better ones on the way, I’m sure.

I had contacted my favorite Uncle George and he was excited that we were stopping by for a visit. We asked to park the trailer overnight and he said we could. His lives in Yelm which is almost 6 hours from the border. He’s 1 and ½ hours from Seattle.

We didn’t go into Seattle this time. Larry only has about 38 days left in the states this year. We have to travel as a brisk pace to get to Mexico before he’s an illegal!!!

We got to George’s house about 4:30pm. It was a bit tricky finding his place because google sends you to a different road. We made it and he helped us back the trailer into its home for the night. We hung out and he showed us around his property. Then we went inside and talked for hours! It was so great to see George. He’s always so interesting. Right now he is helping people all over the world via the internet using his CTT which is his version of EFT. He is very ethusiastic and enjoys his work. He takes no money for helping folks but mainly accepts donations and gifts. We did a little tapping and is was remarkable. We probably could have stayed up all night talking but at about 9:30pm I needed some dinner…...and rest as we were leaving about 11am for our next stop.

We saw George in the morning for about an hour, got some hugs and some pictures and we were on the road again to Portland!

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