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News Flash|Our Current Status|Check Out Our Jungle Camp in Palenque Chiapas Mexico

Updated: May 1, 2020

I want all of our fans to know that Larry and I are very safe in Palenque Mexico. We are staying at the Maya Bell hotel, camping resort.


This update is brought to you by Maya Bell.

Maya Bell is the closest hotel to the archaeological zone of Palenque

please visit to plan your next jungle visit


We are ½ mile from the Palanque Mayan Ruins. Unfortunately, they closed them the day after we arrived on March 20th.(We are planning on sneaking in somehow, someday) We have the resort basically to ourselves and the other 6 campers. They closed the hotel and restaurant shortly after we arrived. We will be allowed to stay here as long as needed. We are waiting to travel back to the states when things improve and travel is safe. The resort is like our own personal paradise. We have a large pool, we live in the jungle and have birds, lizards and monkeys that visit every day. The other campers are all from Germany and speak English. We have made great new friendships. We have celebrated Easter and birthdays together. We play water volleyball and go on hikes and to waterfalls too. Life is so good here. I just needed you to know that we are doing great. I will continue catching up with my stories…..since you may think we are still in Barra de Navidad.

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