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Oaxaca November 14-22, 2022 A magical place to relax and explore ❤️

The drive from Cholula to Oaxaca was beautiful

We passed the tallest volcano in Mexico, Pico de Orizaba.

I love me some bugs!

We had some nice walks down the country roads in El Tule, Oaxaca

He does this on his own. I really don’t make him.

Mountain View from our campground

We found some treats along the way

A neighbor was busy with his new sculpture

I really loved his dragon 🐉

We found some lizards

They are so happy to see me

I jogged a bit around the country roads until I found a better route into town

This guy was amazing

Lots of beautiful creatures

$100 pesos for 12. That’s about $5 US

The sky was so blue

We found this beauty! The owner was proud to show it to us. I asked, “Se vende?” He said No

This is the place to buy your Mezcal

We walked into town, El Tule.

They have a very nice centro with a market, vendors and restaurants.

Mexico’s famous tree

Lots of color and murals everywhere

Small church on the corner

My Corona King 👑

Some of our walks resembled hikes….This was a road

Me and the big tree

Me jogging by the sign

Everyone loves a Woody!

That’s a bull with his own stereo!

We rode our bikes around a lot!

We found this fabulous lake on one bike ride.

The eight ball! Fabulous place for breakfast after our hike around the lake.

Art 😂🤣

And cheap! About $5.50 US

We stumbled across this cute village on the way back. Santo Domingo Tomaltepec

I loved the orange!

He’s being Corny! 🌽

Biking to the lake is a big deal. See all those folks?!

Not sure if you should eat these…. They were sweet 😊

I’m really enjoying the cacti 🌵

Is it pokey Larry?

He’s daring me to catch him

We made a few trips into Oaxaca. We mostly just walked around

I thought this was awesome!

The basket and bottle were real- not painted

We love these big gates

He’s so happy!

They had some amazing spiders. None crawled into the trailer.😀🙏

A ginormous moth!

Fabulous sunset

The day came when we said goodbye to our friends Ross and Jacques. We enjoyed staying at their little paradise. We relaxed and rejuvenated with our good friends.

Loved the sign but didn’t buy any mezcal

Beautiful scenery on this road.

Rest stop

It was a lovely drive through incredible mountains

Agave for Mezcal of course

El Camaron. I had to take this picture for my son Cameron

The C had a Saxophone too. I thought that was so cool

We arrived in Salina Cruz!!!!

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Robin Glasco
Robin Glasco
Nov 28, 2022

Another beautiful journey! You should make sure to tell your son that Camaron means shrimp in espanol. I'm sure he'll get a chuckle out of that.

Replying to

Thanks Robin!🤣😂

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