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Proud To Be Rhonda

I’ve lived a pretty spectacular life this far.

I’ve always been goal-oriented with a great sense of adventure on the side.

I moved out on my own when I was 18. I got an apartment in Rohnert park when I was working as a courtesy clerk at Safeway. At 22, I bought my first home, mobile home and soon after we got our 4 bedroom home that I’ve lived in for nearly 30 years. I went back to Santa Rosa Junior College after taking a few years off. I got my Associate of Science degree in addition to a Certificate of Aeronautical and Aviation Technology degree. I was able to earn my pilot’s license a year after we bought our house in 1991. I continued my education at Sonoma State University finishing a bachelor's degree in Psychology.

By the time I was 28, I had owned 2 homes and earned 2 degrees. Now what?

I did some traveling to Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, and Canada. At 30 years old, it was time to have children. I had my son Cameron just before my 31st birthday and Jillain was born 2 years later. During the time I was raising my kids. I worked part-time and volunteered at their schools. I coached their Pee Wee baseball, soccer and softball teams and played on a woman’s slowpitch softball team in the summers.

I’ve always been active my whole life so continuing that only seemed natural. I got back into running when my kids were in elementary school and discovered I enjoyed doing triathlons. In the past 20 years, I’ve done 8 half marathons, 10 triathlons, and one marathon. My daughter Jillian has run 2 half marathons with me and an Olympic triathlon where she came in first place for her age division. I’ve coached many of my friends to achieve their dreams of running half marathons or competing in triathlons.

I’m always up for a challenge be it physically, mentally or spiritually. I think I’m ready to start what may be the biggest and best (most challenging) adventure of my life. I’m leaving my home of 30 years and my birthplace, Sonoma County California after almost 55 years to go on the road. Since meeting my Love Larry in 2017, we have created a dream to travel together wherever the road takes us. We are both in very good places in our lives to have the opportunity to “just leave”. My 2 kids are on their own and his 3 children are doing great in the adult world too. We are at a place of very few responsibilities and financially about to “take off” for an indefinite period of time. Our plan is to travel for 8 months but we are both flexible about whatever comes our way.

What I am most proud of myself is that I’m a dreamer. It's great to be a dreamer but I also am a doer. I do what I say I’m going to do. I carefully plan out a route to achieve my goal be whatever it may be. I work toward my goals and dreams, a little each day so I get closer and closer.

What I’ve found is that once I have a goal and set a time to achieve it, most of the time it comes faster than I had expected. I was planning on retiring in November 2019 but here I am today, July 2019 and I no longer am tied to an 8-5 job! I’m free. I’m excited! I’m still dreaming and I’m very proud of who I am.

I cannot wait to start my amazing adventure with my fellow dreamer Larry!

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