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Rhonda by the River

River adventures! I had a few of them too.

We went riding our bikes one day on the South Saskatchewan river. Bikes make it so easy to travel a good distance but with the flexibility of stopping whenever you want to explore more. We found an awesome place that people can spray paint rocks/boulders near the Broadway Bridge. We may go back to add some of our art sometime.

We went fishing one day on the same river but close to Hague. It takes about 15 minutes to get there. It’s on a farmer’s property but the first 30 feet is Queen’s land so there has to be public access. Generally when we are here, we don’t see anyone else. I was tanning topless when 2 old fisherman drove up to chat with Larry. He fishes, I tan. LOL I out fished him last year so it’s just better this way, I think. Put the top back on and opened a beer. Well, we found out a few minutes later when the Game Wardens showed up to check fishing licenses and took my beer. No drinking on public beaches! Lesson learned.

The saturday when we were in Saskatoon for the softball tryouts, we were able to get to the Bare Ass beach in the afternoon for lunch and sun. It was a remarkable day! There wasn’t many people and the sun was warm. We found a great spot and brought our blanket and cooler back down to discover our spot to be taken. Everyone seemed to be arriving at the same time as us. We moved down the beach a way.

Shortly after a young man about 35 years old came walking along with a baby in a front pack and 5 other kids under the age of 7. All were boys expect for one. We found out later his name was Tim. He seemed to be drinking and had a hard time walking. He was paying very little attention to the kids and they were terrorizing the beach as they walked along. Throwing sand at each other and jumping down the sloped beach into the water. I wasn’t sure how strong the current was but swimming wasn’t allowed according to the sign. At one point Tim slid down the steep sandy 2 foot cliff into the river. He didn’t fall but had the hardest time getting back out. Of course, I took pictures. I kinda was worried about things going very badly with this day and him in charge of all these kids. A minute later a woman was there helping him up, still with the baby on his front. It worked. Not sure if she saw us watching or just super friendly and a bit weird, but she walked over to our blanket and sat down. She had taken the baby and carrier from Tim and introduced herself as Ash. She said she was crashing our picnic and literally did. She stayed for almost an hour! She was nice and fairly interesting so she entertained us for a while. She left us when Tim (her husband of 10 years) started getting hostile with 2 black men walking down the beach. Tim was pretty drunk and Ash seemed to know how to handle him.

Bye-Crazy people and good luck poor kids. They have 5 of their own plus brought their nephew. Love being around water. Loved the River time!

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