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Sitka Alaska

After a full day of sailing, our first port was Sitka.

This was my view from the gym before I got ready to go ashore.

It was so pretty. This was only the port and we had to be bused into town. Price was right, free!

I walked around town to see what I could see.

They had a marina for smaller boats.

The sky was so blue.

Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel, a Russian Orthodox Church.

My first bear!

It was a super cute town and I enjoyed walking up and down the streets looking at people's yards.

Enjoying the unique and interesting flowers.

They had these yellow and peach colored berries. Someone told me they were salmonberries.

I ate one but it wasn't sweet.

I walked about a mile to the Alaska Raptor Center. It costs $15 It was much cheaper than booking through the cruise ship too!

I was looking for bears!

They had a few shorts trails that meander through the park. It felt great to be walking around Sitka Alaska.... all be myself 😁

It's was spectacular!

A rescued owl.


Simply amazing!

Next I walked to the Sitka National park. It was only about 1/2 miles away. I was really digging all the walking. It's one of my favorite ways to explore.

This was a very nice park with lots of trails and many totem poles.

Oh, I lucked out too! They had beer! My first beer in Alaska.🍻

I spent the whole day is Sitka and enjoyed every minute of it.

Back in the boat, getting ready to go.

It was pretty warm. I could have ditched the long sleeves.

I love how the ship sails all night. It has been extremely smooth. I'm loving it so far!



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