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Sonoma Check-In Fall 2019

We left Julie and Sarah’s house about 8am monday morning. Michael and Courtney headed to the San Francisco Airport. We had to drive to the Airstream Dealer in Winters to have to things fixed on our trailer. One of the door hinges broke on our trip to Nesslin Lake in Saskatchewan back in August and we also lost a plug for our gray water tank.

We got to Winters about 9am. The place was supposed to have the hinge there waiting for us. We had contacted them months earlier and again the week before but they did not have the hinge. We had to drive to another Airstream dealer in Fairfield. It was a short 30 minute drive to pick up our part and then back again. I was a bit disappointed that they weren’t ready to start when we got there. Then it took til almost 4pm to do the work. Plus a hefty bill of over $600. What can you do? We hung out at the dealer in the shade on some nice andorandak chairs. I worked on my stories and Larry wandered around. Pretty restful day consider we just came off of the 3 day Rock festival. Sitting and resting was good.

We headed back to Rohnert Park when we got done. We planned on parking the trailer in Sharon’s driveway. Sharon Hoberg is my extra mom. I grew up in Petaluma and she lived in my neighborhood. She had lived in the house next to my dad and uncle Jim when she was young. She’s family. I watched her kids when I was growing up and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. She insisted that we stay in her guest bedroom and not the airstream. We was very happy to see us and had planned all kinds of delicious meals for our stay! She doesn’t think I feed Larry well so she went all out with the food! Before I left in July, I helped her buy my friend Yri’s corvette. She said that when we visit, it’s My car to drive. So I did!! We drove that car all over Sonoma County!

The first stop was to see my mom in Petaluma. We needed to give her some big hugs. We actually got to see her 3 days in a row The first day was a nice long visit. I had forget some gifts so we came down the next day to give them to her. I picked up some puzzles in Canada for her. Larry’s mom Eva had knitted her a kitchen towel for a Christmas present so we delivered them. The last day when we were heading out with the Airstream, we stopped by for one last big hug! We won’t see her until April. We are coming back for her 80th birthday on April Fool’s day! It was great to see my mom. She hasn’t changed a bit! Ha ha ha!!!

Sharon lives down the street from my good friend Jordann. I met her about 12 years ago when I was playing softball. She was on my team and an awesome player. I like to have cool friends so I picked her! She also went to my gym and we met there to exercise together. I even talked her into doing a triathlon with me! Three times!!! She was my Little Buddy! She liked hanging out with me and my kids, even when they were freakin brats. She helped me out in many ways over the years and she will always be a dear friend. Since she was just down the street, I invited her to Sharon’s to visits with us on our last night in Rohnert Park. It was super great to vist with her and for her to meet Sharon. I need her to look after Sharon when I’m gone and maybe vice versa.

I took care of some business when I was in town too. I shopped at Oliver’s Market to stock up on my favorite teas and a few other things I haven’t found in Canada yet. I had a dentist appointment. Very important to keep your teeth bright and shiny! Larry and I went to see an immigration lawyer about how to go about getting married. The lawyer was great, very imformative and didn’t charge for the consult. He did confirm how complicated it is and we are just going to travel right now and figure out the marriage thing later…...I guess. It’s like we are married. I spend all his money and tell him what to do!!!! Lol He tells me I’m beautiful and worships that ground I walk on. It’s really working out perfect so far.

We drove up to the top on Sonoma Mountain one day to take a view of the valley. Sometimes when it’s clear, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was not very clear this day. Kinda hazy and the rolling hills were indian summer brown. Not so pretty. We saw a ZEBRA!! On the way down before we hit Old Adobe road. They have it with some horses near the bottom of Sonoma Mountain Road. We had to take a picture.

I did make a stop over to my house to see Michael. He’s doing a great job of taking care of the place so far, Thank God!! He had a cold which he thinks he got from Aftershock and the dust. I believe he must have past his germs to us on this day as we both got sick shortly after seeing him! Bad boy!

My time was brief but good in Sonoma County. I didn’t feel like I had been gone long enough to visit everyone. Really it’s barely been 3 months. I don’t think they miss me yet. As beautiful as Sonoma County is and I do love it there, I have come to realize there are really some amazing places out there that are just as beautiful. I have been having the best time ever traveling with Larry discovering new places and having exciting adventures. I got bored in Sonoma County as I feel I have done everything I need to do there. I need to see other places now for a while. It can be hectic at times, pulling up from one place to another every few days to a week but it is well worth it with all that we’ve done and seen. I am looking forward to our next stop near Yosemite in Groveland.

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