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Splashin' Comes Easy

I spent a ton of time at lakes up here! They are mostly cold compared to California but still I love lakes!

We have been to Nesslin, Deloronde, Anglin, Rhona, Candle Lake and Little Manitou Lake.

We drove 2 hours to Candle Lake last friday to meet with Larry’s friend Bob and Judy. He met them in Huatulco the year before last. Sweet couple with a beautiful cabin and yard. We had a few hours to explore the beach and forest trail before we had dinner with them. We found lots of mushrooms in the trees. It was a beautifully clear lake.

On the lakes, I’ve got to go in 2 boats, kneeboard, try to single ski (unsuccessful), tubed, kayaked and did a stand up paddle board.

Drank some beer and ate some yummy BBQ and S’mores. I’ve had great lake fun!

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