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Stranger in the Night

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

When I was back in Rohnert Park, packing up the Airstream, Larry and I got a request to be bartenders at a wedding in Martinsville, Saskatchewan. Luckily since it wasn’t until August 17th, we could do it. This was an exciting opportunity as I have never been a bartender. A new adventure, sign me up!

The couple that was getting married were at Delaronde Lake when we camped at Nesslin Lake. We went out in their boat to the beach one day. It was great to meet them and hang out before the wedding. The wedding and reception was at the O. K. Corral. It is a horse ranch with lots of parking and cabins. We decided to bring our Airstream to sleep in for the night. Our bartending shift started at 8:15 pm and the bar was supposed to stay open until 3 am. Oh My! I’ll never make it that long, was my first thought.

As the day approached, I got a little nervous about doing a good job at the bar. Larry explained how bars are done up here. It was quite interesting. Perhaps all bars are done this way at receptions but it was my first time so it was All new to me. They had 2 kinds of canned beer in an ice bath and some stocked in one of the 2 Pepsi refrigerators. They had 3 kinds of liquor for shots. Cherry Whiskey, Fireball and Tequila. They also had 4 groups of Red Solo Cups that had pre-poured shots of Spiced Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, and White Rum. Guests could buy them and go to the table that had soda, OJ and cranberry juice to mix their own drinks. This bar charged $2 for each drink to offset the cost. It’s called a Toonie bar. They have $2 coins up here called toonies. Most people bought $20 in $2 tickets. Luckily we had help. Greg (Larry’s son) and Josie (Greg’s Girlfriend) helped us. One took money for tickets and filled the solo cups, one tore tickets and 2 of us got drinks. At times, it was a bit chaotic. They came in rushes with brief breaks in between. Sharnelle and Braden, the Bride and Groom, both thanked us for helping and said to help ourselves with free drinks.

Larry knows so many people, I met a ton of new people. Lots of names to remember or at least try for the night. Amanda (Larry’s daughter) was a bridesmaid and Alex (Larry’s son in law) a Groomsman. Courtney(Larry’s daughter) came and brought her friend Ian from her softball team. The wedding was at 3 pm, the bar opened shortly after the ceremony with dinner, and by our shift, the folks mostly were very happy and friendly. Some guests wanted to buy us shots. I think during the whole evening, I had one shot of cherry whiskey and 2 jello shots. I mostly sipped on cranberry juice.

The evening went well. I felt like I was doing pretty good. We had some regulars stand at the bar and talk to us. One of Larry’s long-time friends Michelle Neufeldt came to visit and brought us both some food. That was super nice and I really appreciated her. Amanda came to help us in the bar from time to time and that made the evening pass well. We had no incidents with over-intoxicated folks and I was very happy about that. Mostly everyone was the lovey-dovey drunk types.

Just around midnight, it seemed the reception was dying down. A bit early but it was a cold evening and the few remaining guests were huddled around the propane heaters. The DJ was still playing music but no one was dancing. Larry and I decided to call it quits and let Greg and Josie finish the rest of the shift at the bar. While Larry was at the dessert table filling his pockets before we left, Ian took me out on the dance floor and we did some silly dancing. I laughed a lot. Larry came out next to dance and he was great! He twirled me around and I just followed and tried not to fall. I think we danced one song and it was wonderful.

On the way back to the Airstream, I used the bathroom at the reception. Our Airstream has a great bathroom but I only use it in the middle of the night. When we got the trailer, I told Larry that I would take the job of emptying the holding tank. It’s not a glamorous job but it’s my contribution. I am the only one that uses the bathroom. And I am careful to only deposit waste that I don’t mind seeing again (pee and toilet paper).

Back at the Airstream, the heater was on, warming up our love nest. The music from the D. J. in the background and a generator from the trailer next to us. It was very nice to finally be alone with Larry and have some Special Quality time until we heard the trailer door open at 12:15 am. It was Greg and Josie. They must have been done at the bar and came into sleep on the couch. Time for sleep. I didn’t hear the music much after that but the generator was a bit annoying. Also the heater came on and off all night and I think it’s loud. I wasn’t sleeping well but focused on resting. At one point, I heard the trailer door open again. I figured Greg or Josie went out to use the other restroom or something. I tried to go back to sleep.

I layed in bed for a while trying to sleep. I figured if I got up and used my bathroom, that might help. I had waited and waited and now it was time. I only had a t-shirt on and pulled it down over my naked butt as I walked 1 step intp the restroom. When I reached over to turn the light on, I touched someone!!! I was shocked! There was someone on my toilet. I said, “I was coming in there”. He said, “I’m in here”. So I left. I hopped back in bed and woke up Larry. I told him about the man in the bathroom. He asked who it was. I knew it wasn’t Greg and suspected the voice belonged to Ian.

The first thing Larry said was, “Is he taking a dump in my can?” I could not answer that as I did not investigate much after the initial shock. I asked Larry to find out what was going on.

Larry knocking on the door- “What are you doing in my can?”

Ian- “Just chilling”

Larry-”You gotta get out of there, Rhonda needs to use the can!”

Larry help Ian out and onto the floor of the Airstream. He covered Ian with some blankets and I was able to use My Can. Ian, I have come to learn is famous around here for sleeping in restrooms. How he found our Airstream and into our Can is still a mystery. Larry and I giggled a lot about this as we fell asleep for a few more hours.

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