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Tractors, Trains and Planes, oh my!

I probably should talk a little about my fascination with Tractors, Trains or Airplanes.It’s just a great excitement I get when I see these things.

I’ve been literally driving Larry nuts. I have to stop and get pictures, especially if I can get on them!

I bike down to see the train on Mondays and Thursdays if I can.

We drive right by the airport a lot of the time when we go into Saskatoon. I’m even considering a job next summer at the airport. If I can’t get a job, maybe I can volunteer one day a week!

Last week, I challenged myself to take a pic of one tractor a day until we leave. It rained for 2 days after so I got off schedule. I made it up yesterday when I found 6 tractors down by the train tracks.

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