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Tuesday September 28 Cusco

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

I slept great until 7:11 am. I thought I might get to sleep more but the sound of Spanish-speaking men and noise outside my window changed that. I messed around in my room until I was ready to meet folks. I said good morning to Heradio. He was organizing a trip to the jungle to start building his pool. He has plans to expand his resort. It sounds fantastic what he wants to do out there. We ate breakfast with five 20-year-old young men. One spoke English. There was an older man that was going along too. I only got one name…Clinton for the young man that spoke English. It was nice to be included.

We needed to go to the plaza in Cusco to return our sleeping bags, duffel bags and hiking poles. We started walking the 2 blocks to the bus stop. On the way, we saw Heradio driving back to the house. He had run errands before they were leaving. He pulled the car over to hug us both and say goodbye. We thanked him for his hospitality. We said we would be back soon. I’m trying to figure out when. This morning Heradio gave me one of his Safari Vest with his travel resort name on it. The vest is awesome! It is made of thick high-quality material with lots of pockets. I love it! He’s a very kind and creative man. We’d like to come back and help him on his resort.

The bus ride went great! We dropped off the stuff and went to lunch. We found a nice restaurant on the square with a balcony. We got to watch everyone doing their thing. The food was good, but the service was a little slow. Larry had an Alpaca burger. He didn’t try Guinea pig while we were in Peru though. Maybe he will next time. After lunch, we got massages. That was fantastic and well deserved after our trek.

Back at the house we did laundry and got packed up for the flight tomorrow. We fly from Cusco to Lima at 12pm. It’s a short one-hour flight. We hope everything will go well at the airport. Flying, well getting through airports can be a bit stressful. We have a driver picking us up at 10 am. That should give us plenty of time for whatever hoops we need to jump through.

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