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We are loving San Agustin! December 10-22, 2022 Exploring Bahia de Huatulco ☀️🌴🐟

Get ready for lots of pictures of us having fun. I feel like after 3 years, we are professional fun and adventure seekers. If you get tired of looking at me, just scroll……you’ll be fine!

I got my own adventure at the hair salon in La Crucecita.

I was very happy but the price was the same or more than I would have paid in the states or Canada. I just needed it done! We also got massages here too so it was a great day!

We had some amazing interactions with critters. As we were driving back, Larry stopped the truck and bolted out. He caught this fabulous creature and we had a pet tarantula for a few days.

This plant by our trailer would start the day covered with beautiful blossoms.

In the evening it would drop every purple bloom.

Another sunset from the rooftop across the street. It was easy when we were too lazy to walk 15 minutes to coyote beach.

View from the cool house on the hill

Larry discovered bats living behind the restrooms. I like bats.

We found this cool iguana on one of our walks. We brought food back for him another day but didn’t see him.

See the butterfly?

Larry’s new friend

Tour bus that parked on the property next to Chuparosa. San Agustin get lots of buses on the weekends.

We loved the pool at Chuparosa.

I found a great walking stick

The two brightly colored birds are orange breasted buntings. They were around the trailer every morning

I jogged a bit on playa boca vieja cuz it’s just fun!

We explored caves on boca vieja that had lots of bats living there

Love this beach with the awesome rocks

More jogging 😊

The boat heading out from the river to the ocean

We watched this very interesting fishing technique. A boat with four guys starts at the shore. Two jumped out with the end on the net while the boat raced out a hundred feet, in a crescent, then headed back to shore. Two other guys jumped out before the shore. Then 6 guys on both ends of the net, started pulling the net in and together. This took about 20 minutes and the catch was 300 pounds of fish! We were amazed!

It seem d like the whole village came out.

Fish where everywhere.

They brought up 4 big containers of fish.

We especially loved watching the kids!🐟

Anyone who helps, gets three fish.😊

We had a nice dinner at Tio Castillo and visited with Zach, the owner.

Can you see the road?

I jogged to Riscalillo beach. It was a nice four mile mostly flat run.

I was happy to get the kayak out one day for a little fun in the water.

We also snorkeled several times. They loaned us gear from Chuparosa.

The day we let our tarantula go… bye bye beautiful creature 💕

Campground dog wanted Larry’s pizza

We watched this plant grow 6 inches a day

Feeding the iguanas was some of our fun

Hanging out waiting for lizards to show up

We tried to climb rocks every day

Larry was better at this than me.

We watched two different trucks get unstuck at the beach one afternoon. Quite entertaining.

Coyote beach was one of our favorites

Out on my walk in the morning

Creative planters from old 5 gallon water jugs

Love their signs

Cat liked the high ground when the dogs were out

This papaya cost 20 pesos or about $1 US. I ate one every other day. Pineapples were a buck too!

Finding the Huatulco National park was tricky but worth it

It looks like they were in the middle of construction of the entrance or maybe recently closed it.

We chose a trail that was supposed to take us to the beach. Fingers crossed

We found the riverbed

We tried the old footbridge

Banana plants

He always is hiding in the flowers.

We were on the right path

It was a 10 mile round trip hike to a gorgeous beach! Playa Cacaluta. we rested long enough for a verve’s a break!🍻

We saw a million super fast lizards along the way

After the hike, we had lunch at Niko’s again.

Cool project at Chuparosa. They used old bottles as filler before they poured cement. We contributed a mezcal bottle 😊

Larry at pool time. I thought these things looked like black penises on Saint Patrick’s day!

Pretty strong vine!

It was a sweaty hike to the beach

This is where we turned around after we got lost looking for the waterfalls.

We found the right road again… we followed the tour bus.

We had a 30 minute delay while they unloaded three pallets of cement bags

We loved the first falls with the nice hiking paths along the river. Cascadas de llano grande.

We tried out the swings

This place cost 80 pesos each to get in. $4 US

I was very proud of myself for maneuvering in the rushing water for this picture. I was out of my comfort zone

It’s really a very nice place to spend a hot day. The water is cool and refreshing .


I caught a tadpole.

A short drive down the road was the cascadas magicas de copalitilla.

Another 80 pesos

Another beautiful trail along the river.

I loved this crazy tree!

I had to climb into these massive ferns.💕

So clear, clean and refreshing

There were lots of folks at these falls.

Larry was braver and scaled the larger falls.

He even assisted others.

It was a great days at the waterfalls and much cheaper if you drive yourself

Look how tiny I am!!

Last sunset at San Agustin 💕

Goodbye Chuparosa Gardens……we definitely will be back!

Goodbye fabulous pool 💕

Hello Zipolite!! Let the holidays begin! Los Mangos RV park

Hello new pool!

Larry found a volleyball game an hour after we arrive!

First sunset on playa Zipolite.

It’s a great place to spend the holiday!

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