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We are still Alive!

This post is for my good friend and loyal reader Michelle. She’s back in Rohnert park, California where we started our travels. She contacted me recently to see if we were still alive!

I’ve known Michelle for over twenty years for sure. She shopped at Safeway when I was a grocery cashier. Sometime between 1989 to 2002. I’d see her at least once a week. I’ve always enjoyed talking with her.

When I left Safeway in 2002 and went to work at the Sonoma State bookstore, she miraculously found me there. I was called from my back office to the front door to see Michelle standing there with her dog Whitney. She made me feel special and that she really cared about me missing from Safeway.

I moved three more times on campus to offices all over. She tracked me down each time. Eventually I would see her regularly when she would work with the organization called 4P.a.w.s. My current position as an event coordinator would have 4P.a.w.s bring friendly dogs to campus for the college students who missed their pets from home. It was one of the most popular events happening sometimes once a month.

A few times, Michelle went with me on my lunch hour and walked around together. I really lucked out at my Friday night market when I saw her walking past my table. I brought my first book, “tell me your story” to sell. My table was set up under the Rohnert Park welcome sign. Everyone passed this way into the market from the parking lot. ‘Hi Michelle“, I yelled. And from then on, Michelle sat and helped me sell my books. I donated all profits to my favorite charities in Sonoma County. C.o.t.s and The living Room Both places help with homelessness and resources such as food and health care. Great work done here!

I haven’t done a Friday night market in over three years but Michelle still keeps her eye on me from reading this blog. I took a break from my blog to finish my book on frienda. ‘With a little help from my friends’.

My new book will be available soon. Email me for details: I’m excited to share my discovery of a worthy charity that Larry and I support. We met an amazing young man named Bonner in Lo De Marcos and he told us about his non profit hospitals. He sets up facilities to help the families with children that have disabilities/special needs all over the world! All profits from this book will be sent to Project Possible Also look up Bonner’s book and documentary.

We spent 5 months on the beach in Lo De Marcos. It’s one of our favorite beaches, north of Puerto Vallarta. it’s less than 4 hours from our house in Ajijic. It’s very convenient.

In April, I flew to Sonoma County to see my mom, brother James, a few good friends Jordann, Nansee, and Pat. I was welcomed at Heidi’s home for a half my stay and the other part with my special friend Sharon, she’s my extra Mom.

Larry began traveling north to Canada with the trailer and Gypsy. He eventually got to Hague the day after Mother’s day.

I took several planes and finally got to my destination of Irun, Spain. I met up with my two friends from my Safeway years, Vern and Nancy Powers. Two days later we started our 44 days trek on the Camino del Norte. Its a Pilgrimage to Santiago.

Larry and I spent a few months in Canada and soon we will be traveling south…. Perhaps south East.

Anglin Lake Saskatchewan with Brother Gerald.

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