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We will be taking our Airstream "Lucy Love" on the road soon!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We will be heading out on the road from Hague, Saskatchewan, Canada near the end of September to discover interesting folks with amazing stories. Why? Because Everyone has a special story to share. Like ours!

I'm from Northern California and Larry is from Saskatchewan Canada. How did we ever meet? In Mexico, of course! We were on vacation and met by chance when I wanted to go off the resort to see the Eco-park in Hautulco, Oaxaca, Mexico. No one in my group wanted to go and Larry stepped up! We spent a few hours hiking, looking at ruins and mainly chasing the very fast lizards with no success. We had a very comfortable and interesting time. By the end of the hike at the top of the lookout to the pacific ocean, I was wondering how dating a Canadian might look!

I had only 3 days left of my trip and we were able to spend more time before I left. Larry had another week on the resort and that could have been the end of the story. But we messaged each other and he invited me to fly down a month later to join him again at the resort. So what did i do? I had only known him for 3 days so I flew down to meet him again! The craziest thing I had ever done but I wanted to know if what I felt was real. Oh, I felt something immediately when I was with him! Well, we had a magical vacation getting to know each other better. We found so many things we both had in common and the interests we shared, especially for travel.

Fast forward one year and 6 months........We are engaged, I am retiring from my job in California and we are packing enough stuff for a journey of fabulous adventures for at least 8 months.....maybe more. We are heading west through Canada before the weather gets too cold.....We are heading your way! Shout out for a visit!! Tell us where to stop and what is fun to do along our adventure!

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