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Wednesday, September 29, Cusco to Lima

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

I got up about 6:30 am. I showered, packed, and generally just got organized to travel. Our driver came just before 10 am. It’s a short drive to the Cusco Airport. I had to buy another mask because it’s double masks in the airport and on planes. It was only 2 soles or 50 cents US. We didn’t need any PCR tests or even a health questionnaire. It was easy breezy! It was just under an hour flight to Lima. We didn’t see any snow-capped mountains as it was all overcast. We had a driver waiting to pick us up and then we picked up Martin outside the airport. They restrict who can get into the airport parking lot. Lots of security. We drove to our Hotel in Miraflores (El Farolito) (LINK) that we had spent 2 nights at when we arrived. We went out to dinner with Martin, early-about 3:30 pm. We walked a few blocks into the main part of this district. We ended up eating at an Italian restaurant. I had salmon with fettuccini and 2 Pisco Sours. They were very strong too! I could barely walk back to the hotel. I rested until 8 pm when Martin came back to give us a gift. He told us that the pottery-a bowl was from an old Nazca grave. Grave robbers had sold Martin a bunch of items for $100. He has a very nice collection. He gave us this bowl that is supposed to be 200 years older than Christ. Wow!! What a treasure. I hope it’s packed well enough in the suitcase to make it home. We went to bed early…9ish. We have a driver coming at 10 am to take us to the Lima Airport.

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