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Week 11 Ajijic 8/9-8/15

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

We continue to hike each day up our steep hill to help condition our legs for Peru. We are at 5000 feet elevation and climb up almost 500 feet. I’m sure this will be helpful but not exactly the same as Peru with a peak of almost 14,000 feet! We are doing the best we can each day. I found some altitude pills to take when we get there so I am hopeful we won’t have any problems. I’m kind of getting excited about our upcoming trip. I will take a break from writing for a month as well. I just think we will be too busy with activities to do anything else.

We took a nice drive to Jocotepec in a search for raspberries and blackberries…..but never found them. We did stop into a Bazaar in Joco. We were very pleased with the variety and price. The cost of items were far below what we would pay for the same thing in Ajijic……..Gingo pricing here! We found a perfect coffee table for the second level terrace for $35. There was a colorful mexican print in a chunky wooden frame that we needed to have. Plus a super cool iron bench with a new upholstered bright blue seat. We got everything for under $100 US. Super score! We were able to get our new cushions for the lounge chairs this week and with the new table, this floor is we have a million hummingbird feeders and plants up here.

We got a special surprise this week. Thelma and Hector were bringing the kids to Roca Azul for a few nights. The first stop when they got to town was US!!! We met them at Sentido restaurant for breakfast. There was quite a group of folks packed into Hector’s small SUV. 3 adults, 6 kids and 2 small dogs. Good thing the kids and dogs were small! LOL Breakfast was great again and then back to see our house. They were very kind and I do believe they liked it. We let them know they are welcome here anytime where or not we are here. I hope they visit us again.

We went to Roca Azul on Saturday to have a BBQ. The park looks great as they have been fixing up the grounds with new plants and flowers. I was impressed! We enjoyed both pools and Larry inflated both my floaties so I could share with the kids. We walked around the resort after dinner and saw Lulu, one of our old neighbors. We saw many white tailed kites by the lighthouse (el faro). I luckily snapped a good shot or two. We are out of practice birding…...We will get back into it as soon as we get to Peru..I’m sure! Great time with one of our favorite families here in Mexico.

We got in a small bike ride to Chapala on Saturday. We stopped on the way at a cute cafe that I’ve wanted to try called Doppio Cafe. We have drove by it several times with the truck and on our bikes so Today was the day. I got a fabulous Moka with a slice of quiche. Larry got his Americana with the full meal special. Boy he was in Heaven… had Bacon!

When we got back on our bikes, we weren’t really sure where we were going. We did go to the Malecon but then ended up a few blocks north at the main square. We were just seeing what they had to offer and what was going on. I looked up to the hill where the cross was and noticed the street leading to it was all torn up. I wondered if we could walk up it and go to the cross again. Of course we did!!! It was lush and green. It’s a semi steep hill that only takes you about 15 or 20 minutes to get to the top. There are many viewpoints along the way too. We saw many new bugs and plants. When we got to the top, I tried to zoom in with my camera to see if I could see our house….close but not exactly. We saw Punta Mirasol 3 streets down by the lake. Our house must be obscured by all the tall green trees in our neighborhood. I guess that’s not a bad thing to have. We are still having a blast in Ajijic but I’m super excited about Peru… 13 days and counting……

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