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Week 6 - lo de Marcos 5/10 - 5/16

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

It seems that we are getting into a regular routine around here now. Every monday afternoon, we head over to San Francisco and get massages. The place we go is Angelical Spa. They do energy aligning with oils. It’s still a deep massage but it feels even more peaceful and relaxing. Sometimes afterwards we get a beer or snack. It’s a very cool surfer town. We like to stroll around and see the bright colorful houses and restaurants. It seems like a younger group of folks too. Good energy.

I’m still doing good training with team Lifted. I did a restorative yoga on demand with Larry and Deb. It was a good way to stretch and get our bodies ready for the day. I did a HIIT live class with Holly and I definitely sweated a bunch! I did more swimming in the ocean and made it to my half mile mark. Larry took the kayak out so I could use him as a guide point. It’s not like a pool that has lines in the bottom to follow. I felt great but it’s tougher in the ocean for sure. I jogged up my hill for 2 miles again. Believe it or not, my legs are getting tired from all this exercise. Ha ha ha

One morning Larry and I did an on demand yoga class…..the hip opener one. I felt all good and loose so we headed out after for a short hike. We drove about 20 minutes north to Playa Los Ayalya. We found a great hike on Alltrails that said it was moderate and only 4.6miles. It took us to Punta Raza which was beautiful and well worth the hike. We did have a hard time finding the beginning of the trail but some locals showed up how to go over the barbed wire fence to the private property to the trail. Since everyone, like 6 others, were doing this, we did it too. It is a dense tropical forest and we immediately started to get bitten by bugs. Luckily, I was smart enough to bring bug repellent. Both Larry and I juiced up on bug spray. That helped a lot. The hike to the cliff, Punta Raza, was pretty easy and shady. We had lunch on the rock overlooking the ocean. It was a straight down drop off the rock. Then we ventured to the next Mirador del Toro which I thought was another lookout. It wasn’t. We walked a very long time in the sun to end up at a beach. It was beautiful but hot. Both Larry and I were wiped out. I’m not sure if it was the heat or humidity but we were dragging on the way back. I tried to go fast because I felt like it was a race to the truck before I died!! We made it fine but I didn’t feel like doing anything more with my day when we got done. Our camping gang wanted us to come listen to live music and have dinner at Tomatina’s but I couldn’t move. It was Matt’s last night. I knew I’d get to see him in the morning before he left.

We had our last Cornhole party on Thursday because Matt was leaving Friday and Deb and Clarkette were driving back north on Monday. I was hoping I still had my good game going on. We had won all our games last time so we were defending champs. More pressure, right? Naw….it’s Mexico and cornhole with your buddies. We play for fun. Clarkette was our official scorekeeper and she did a great job! Everyone paired up for competition. We played at least 4 games, maybe 5 and won them all. Some by a very large amount. Larry and I are the cornhole King and Queen….at Roca Azul and now in Lo de Marcos.

We saw this very interesting jungle house that was se vende a few weeks ago. We contacted the realtor to see if we could take a peek at it. Mostly to get ideas for the palapa on the roof but it can never hurt to look at other options. This place was close to highway 200 in a little town of Los Lomas. It is on the way to San Francisco and minutes away from Lo de Marcos. The owner is an architect that designed it. She uses it as an Airbnb but wants to sell it. It had two separate casitas with small kitchens and full baths plus the main house. It had one bedroom, bath, living area with dining room table and the kitchen. It was bigger than I imagined on a huge 3 level lot. Plenty of room to park an airstream too. The price was high and for rental purposes, I think the market here isn't strong enough yet. They are putting a direct toll highway from Guadadlaja in currently but who knows when that will be finished. We told the realtor, Peter, we’d get back to him. He told us down the road there was a remote beach we should go to see. It was remote...for sure but at the end of the road was a Hotel/bungalows resort, Punta Monterrey. When we parked a gentleman was coming out of the gate. He chatted with us for a while. He was the nephew of the owner. He told us to go ahead and go in to take a look. We were enjoying a conversation until another car needed to pass through so he had to drive away. People are just so kind here.

I did my taxes this week. That was probably the funnest thing I did this week...NOT! I had most of the docs I needed or I found access to online. It still is irritating and I probably shouldn’t have waited to the very end. I got them finished in a few hours on turbotax. I had to spend $110 to get $50 back. Dumb! When I was finishing up, I kept being sent back to fix some things. One was that I filed married filing separate. They still wanted Larry’s info...he doesn't have a SSN because he’s Canadian. It wouldn’t let me electronically send it in that way. I had to print and mail them. OMG! I had to find someplace in Mexico to do this now.....not always an easy task. The farmacia in town was able to print them for me but we had to drive to La Penita to mail them. It took 40 minutes to get there and park. We found the post office, I guess that’s what it’s called and he said for basic mail it would take 2 months to get to the US. For $13 dollars, he could get it there in 4 days. Just postmark it and I paid for the basic. I did the best I could.

I can’t believe Deb was really leaving to go back to Washington State. We have been camping buddy’s since the first week in Roca Azul back in January. Deb led our caravan from Jocotepec to Lo de Marcos to meet up with Carol and Marvin. We’ve gotten to know Deb pretty well over the past few months. We’ve taken her hiking a bunch of times….she fell a lot and almost passed out from dehydration but she continued to go along with us on our adventures. We have been horseback riding with her in Mazamitla and on this trip while dismounting from the horse Deb twisted her ankle and was laid up for a few days. We’ve been out to dinner with Deb so many times that I can’t remember and she only fell once! It's not that we think she is accident prone or anything but we have done a bunch of fun trips with this feisty gal and I fear I will miss her more than I think. She shared her family and best friend with us too. Thanks Deb! It was great to meet all the people that love you the most…..Sara, Peyton, Clarkette and Matt….that guy sure is funny!

We went out to dinner with Deb and Clarkette to Olivia. It was great! We walked all the way there and back without any injuries. Afterwards we watched our last sunset together until… year my friend!

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