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Week 9 Ajijic 7/26-8/1

This week we did lots of hiking. We started it out Monday, just Larry and I.

We went to do the hidden waterfall hike again by ourselves. I felt like I could use a little more practice hiking up the steep part at the beginning and maybe take a few more pictures. When we hike with the group, there isn’t much time for picture taking or observing stuff. It’s all about the hike. That’s ok...but sometimes, we like to go slow. Right when we started going up the hill, we were joined by a golden retriever...I think. We waited to see his owner but no one ever came. Incredibly this dog walked with us the whole way! It was 3.6 miles. He would run ahead but then stop and wait. We offered him snacks at the waterfall...he liked Larry’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He did not care for my trail mix though! LOL

Tuesday and Friday we hiked with the group. We did the short Tepalo waterfall hike on Tuesday. Friday, the group was too big and the dogs out numbered the hikers so we only went a short distance and then did our own thing. We saw our neighbor Lyn hiking there too with her friend. It’s a popular spot. We also added hiking up the steep hill close to our house. We did that several times….one day we did it twice. I don’t know what we were thinking. On the way back home, we met a gentleman named Kevin. He was super friendly and invited us back to have a beer at his place. We did. Friendly Kevin soon turned into Super Weird Kevin and I did everything I could to get out of there fast. He was talking about too many inappropriate things and I suspect he might have been using drugs (like speed). On the days when we don’t hike or walk, I practice climbing the stairs in the house. We have to get ready for Peru in September.

They had a Beer Festival (Cerve Festin) on the Ajijic Malecon the whole weekend. Free samples of artisan beer and music. I checked out the schedule and Sunday was the best least for me. They had a rock/heavy metal band playing so we went over shortly before the music was supposed to begin. The band was Aztaveria. They were supposed to start at 5:30 but at 5:20 they were just starting to set up. We walked through the beer tents and sampled some beer. There wasn’t anything that I needed to have, like buy more so we walked though without making a purchase, beside the Ajijic Cervefestin T-shirt! We heard some music from a restaurant down the Malecon so we went in for a beer and to listen. The group was easy to listen to so we stayed and ordered a small meal to share. On the way back through the park, we saw the band we had come to see. They were finally playing and they were amazing! The violin player from Black String, Victor, was in this band!! We both really enjoyed the music and we would definitely go see them again.

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