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What I’ve seen up North

This is the last week we plan on being in Hague. The weather is changing fast and I feel that Fall has descended on Saskatchewan. I’ve been savoring the new colors on the streets that I’ve walked the past 2 and ½ months. I’ve also reflected on so many fun adventures I’ve had and all the amazing folks I’ve met. I feel like I’m made over a hundred new friends and acquaintances.

I continued walking an hour most days. I have gotten attached to visiting certain areas in town. I have a favorite house that I walked past and admire each day, at least once. I never saw who lived there but I was prepared to ask for a look inside. I walked by

Tena Neudorf’s house many times hoping she would be outside and would visit. I never saw her before I left but I did leave her a thank you card in her mailbox.

I had the absolutely best time ever in Hague this summer! We are heading out on our big adventure across Canada, the States and Mexico. First stop Drumheller!

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1 Comment

Tena Neudorf
Tena Neudorf
Oct 06, 2019

Glad you enjoyed your stay in Hague. And that I had a chance to meet my Ally friend. Enjoy your winter and keep writing.


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