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Your Stories: Michael in Hague, Canada

Hague Canada!

Rhonda informed me it was a small town, my response was, “I grew up in a small town- I get it.” I did not get it! See, the town I grew up in residents lived at miles away from anything; Hague is a town where most residents live a few feet from each other! Rhonda and I walked around for around 1 hour and saw the whole town! Now that is a different type of small town!

If anyone knows Rhonda, when the opportunity presents itself -Rhonda takes it! I had at least two weeks’ worth of vacation vacuum packed into three days! On my vacation I saw the town, saw the “big city,” Saskatoon, checked out two golf courses, ooh I also learned how to play golf, checked out an awesome family cabin and lake, went kayaking , tubing, played softball for the first time of my life, went to Larry’s parents birthday/anniversary celebration, was unofficially initiated into the “cousin crew” and spent time getting to know the types of Canadian ,and even saw fireworks! While doing all of this I got to know the locals, well 99.9% of the locals were related to Larry so I guess I got to know Larry’s family!

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