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Zihuatanejo Guerrero Mexico 🇲🇽 January 15-18, 2023

Visiting friends in this special paradise 🌴

We had a great drive up the coast from Ventura beach to Ixtapa. We made a few stops to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

Stopped by a restaurant to get a good view. They have very few pull offs and we take advantage of the ones they do.

Our campground for the next three days.

They had a great pool but we were too busy to take a short dip.

We parked the trailer, had a short rest and then met our friends Jim and Laurette for dinner at Casa Bahia.

Fun moth on Larry’s truck.

The first morning, I jogged 4 Miles on the ciclopista.

Determined. Lol

We made it to the main beach for massages. One hour was $15 US. Not too bad 😊

We went to Jim and Laurette’s house the second night for drinks and appetizers. We enjoyed the view of the bay and beaches.

They have an awesome house on the hill. They invited us to stay with them in the downstairs unit but since we had the cat and weren’t sure where to park the airstream, we just camped. We had been to that campground before and were familiar with it. We definitely will stay with them next time. We found a spot down the hill that was wide and other motorhomes were part there.

The neighbors bird entertained us by climbing up the pole to see us.

This was their spectacular pool. We enjoyed an afternoon dip.

I loved the view from the pool. So fun!

We went to La Ropa beach to find a trail to Los Gatas beach. You either hike or take a boat there.

This wasn’t the trail but someone’s path to their home. Lovely.

It was a great walk. I did it in sandals. There wasn’t anything too hard.

Larry had extra energy to climb on things!

This is the boat dock to Los Gatas beach.

It was a very pretty beach with a lot of Mexican family enjoying their day.

Larry walked out a long way as this was very shallow.

Lots of coconut trees

Larry looking for trouble again.

Motorcycle parking at a restaurant near La Ropa beach.

I loved the murals and took too many pictures.

Cocodrillo. That’s Spanish hee hee

Iguana! Yeah!

Loved all the bright colors.

Larry needed ice cream and I asked the owner to be in the picture. See his peace sign in the right hand corner?

I finally got him to pose. I said I always made people look good!

We walked La Ropa which was much longer.

At the end they had some great rock formations.

The public access to the beach.

Larry spied this guy.

Playa Linda is the beach we stayed on in Ixtapa.

We ride our bike to the lagoon with the cocodrillos.

We love cocodrillos!

Last beer on the beach in Ixtapa

Last sunset

The cloud made it spectacular!

Tomorrow we will be heading to La Placita.

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1 Comment

Robin Glasco
Robin Glasco
Jan 31, 2023

It looks lovely! Ixtapa is a place I should visit. I looked on Google maps at all the pictures.It is much bigger than I thought. Safe travels!

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