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Our First Year on the Road

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

I can’t believe Larry and I have been traveling together for over a year!!

The places we’ve gone to and all the things we’ve seen, made this year go by fast. We traveled through the US, Canada, and Mexico. We’ve driven over 12,000 miles or 20,000 KM. I’m still writing stories when we have internet but life on the road has its I’m still filling in many stories from Mexico. It’s been a blast but we definitely have had some challenges. We continue to live our best life together wherever the road takes us.....

Here are some of our favorite adventures from the past year.

Enjoy! Have the Best day ever!

We are Rhonda & Larry:

About Rhonda

How She Met Larry

About Larry

Maiden Voyage

Adventures in the US: We meet a Naked Airplane man - living near Portland  Also a Naked unicorn man in Arizona Getting Foxy in Death Valley

Seeing Our Gasquet Best friends How to Cross the Border of Canada/US with no plan

Best times from Canada 

Canadian Apple pie - people at their best Stranger in the night- it was creepy! Eva’s birthday - I’m happy to be a part of this family  Family softball league - I’m a Winner Drumheller - the big day is here Baniff - lake Louise - surprise snow = grumpy Larry

Okanagan Valley Girl - part of my heart lives here

Larry’s space - the reality is Real

Eye opening experiences from Mexico

Mexican Caravan - this looks easy  La Penita - coconuts bombs, flood and dolphins!  Barra de Navidad - unpleasant massage

Larry’s Lizard Corner  Palenque - jungle camp- the beginning of our COVID lockdown

                                   Reptile week - I just love these guys!

Water week - last week in palenque 

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